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Bruno Gyr


Angst + Pfister Group

Facts & Figures

February 2019

Company Facts:

  • Locations: Zurich (headquarters), subsidiaries in CH, F, DE, A, I, NL, BEL, POL, TUR, CN
  • Employees: around 1200
  • Services: engineering, sale and distribution of industrial components, supply chain management

Skype for Business as a managed service in hybrid mode

Die Angst + Pfister Gruppe ist mit ihren rund 1200 Mitarbeitenden in zehn Ländern präsent. Ein wichtiger Erfolgsfaktor ist die internationale Projektzusammenarbeit. Diese hat das Unternehmen mit der Modernisierung der Kommunikationslösung stark vereinfacht: Skype for Business unterstützt die Prozesse.


Angst+Pfister needed a new and also future-proof communications solution for its 700 ICT workplaces in Switzerland and abroad. The solution should support the business, simplify customer contact and meet the needs of employees for modern, state-of-the-art tools. The solution should also be operated by an internationally experienced partner.


With Skype for Business as a Managed Service from Swisscom, Angst+Pfister is now able to exploit the entire bandwidth of modern business communication possibilities: IP telephony, chat, desktop sharing and telephone conferences simplify international project cooperation. The solution is operated in hybrid mode in the Swisscom data centre and in the Microsoft 365 Cloud.

This product is used by Angst + Pfister

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