Success Story of Avesco AG

«The innovative solution gives us a significant competitive edge.»

Stefan Sutter,
CEO, Avesco AG

Identifying and implementing new business models faster

Major investments, numerous models and variants, acceptance of used machines in payment: the sale of Caterpillar construction machinery is a daily challenge for Avesco. The company also offers additional services such as hire, financing and full-service contracts. Now, however, thanks to the Swisscom solution, the sales process has been standardised and accelerated.

Company sales personnel enter the offer enquiry directly by mobile phone when they are on the ground with the customer. The potential offer variants are displayed on the mobile phone in just a few seconds and can be printed out later in the back office. Alternative financing models or the acceptance in payment of a used machine are simply integrated in the pricing.

In collaboration with its partner OneoverZero and the customer, Swisscom has redesigned and implemented Avesco's sales process. Avesco is now able to make more efficient, faster and precise offers and to track orders in detail in a transparent reporting process. Centrally stored business data can be recorded, accessed and updated from mobile devices and is always completely up to date as a result. This innovative solution provides Avesco with a significant competitive advantage.

These products are used by Avesco AG

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