Success Story of Baumann Sonnenschutz GmbH

«From 0 to 100 in just three months. This was possible thanks to Swisscom’s flexibility and experience.»

Hans Heinrich Hefti,
Managing director of, Baumann Sonnenschutz GmbH

The basis for a successful business!

Baumann Sonnenschutz GmbH is a specialist for sun and weather protection products. The company accompanies its customers from the expert consultation to professional assembly and a reliable, personal after-sales service so that they can enjoy the sunny side of life in all its glory.

The challenge:
Implementing an entire IT and communications infrastructure in just three months

In August 2013, what is now Baumann Sonnenschutz GmbH was founded, having previously separated from Baumann Hüppe AG. From one day to the next, they were missing both a communications and an IT infrastructure. «It was clear to us that we needed a competent and reliable yet agile partner», explains Hans Heinrich Hefti, managing director of Baumann Sonnenschutz GmbH. «Swisscom demonstrated great flexibility, quickly recognised our requirements and knew how to get the right partners on board. This combination and a good gut feeling ultimately convinced us.»

The solution:
An all-round carefree package from a single provider

«For me, IT and communications are now inseparable. We required mobile and fixed-network telephony. On the other hand, we needed workstations for our employees as well as operation of our business applications and their basic infrastructure. As our branches are distributed across the whole of Switzerland, these also needed to be networked. Swisscom was able to convince us with a solution that was adapted precisely to our business and launched in line with our needs. As a company with 25 employees, we are also pleased that we were able to outsource our ICT in an outsourcing order that was tailored for us. Now we can concentrate fully on our core business and receive competent advice for all questions relating to our IT and communications.»

The result:
The start of a success story

«Thanks to the fast and uncomplicated implementation, we were able to begin operations quickly,» Mr Hefti explains. «Today we are extremely pleased that we have a single ICT partner who takes on all tasks for us and is also always there when we need them. We appreciate the fact that Swisscom proactively approaches us as soon as new offers are available. This saves us a lot of time, which we can then dedicate to our customers. Another central factor for us is that we have a partner who can keep up with our constantly changing requirements: currently, we are represented at four sites, but we want to continue expanding and therefore need somebody who can master this challenge with us.»

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