Success Story of dorma+kaba Group

«We are transforming our business model, as we are moving away from the product and focusing more on being a service business. The Swisscom Enterprise Application Cloud is the means by which to do this.»

Andreas Häberli,
CTO, dorma+kaba Group

From the product to the services business.

The challenge: fit for the future with Access-as-a-Service.

The dorma+kaba Group is one of the world’s leading providers of security and access solutions. The Group has been a pioneer in the field of digitisation for some years now. dorma+kaba has embarked on a wide-ranging process of transformation for the future. Its business model is changing as the company is moving away from the production of mechanical door locks and focusing more on being a service business. It is also moving away from reactive problem management and focusing more on proactive service development for customers. To this end, dorma+kaba is using a new Internet-based access solution.

The solution: industry standard for ultra-modern PaaS environments.

The solution runs on a central platform. This can be used to easily plan, configure, order, customise and installed access systems, as well as for dynamically assigning rights. The security services provider is developing the solution in the Swisscom Enterprise Application Cloud. The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) environment allows the Development team to devote their full attention to the development of attractive application functions. The architecture is impressive: Swisscom uses modern software design methods, such as the functional breakdown of software in loosely coupled, cloud-native microservices that can all be scaled horizontally and adjusted easily. Swisscom also uses Cloud Foundry, the industry standard for cloud-native, open-source platforms.

The result: on the market quickly with greater customer focus.

In future, sales partners and end users will procure the required functions as Software-as-a-Service. dorma+kaba will be able to take a proactive approach, has direct contact with the customer and can develop new services with the customer in mind. The focus is then not on new technical features, but on the security needs of the customers. The partners, of which there are approximately 40, can provide their own services on the platform and secure recurring sales, for example by controlling escape routes themselves or directly providing fire safety measures. dorma+kaba is able to protect its investments, has gained the requisite agility and now aims to release new features every month.

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