Success story EMCH Aufzüge AG

«The switch to digital voice communication in the lifts is a challenge. Swisscom is providing us with great support.»

Bernhard Emch,
CEO, EMCH Aufzüge AG

Communication in lifts – the next level with All IP.

EMCH Aufzüge AG is the largest lift company with Swiss-based production. For the switch to IP-based communication in its lifts, the company relies on Swisscom.

The challenge: all analogue connections needed to be replaced.

Swiss-made specialities instead of mass-produced products: this is the recipe for success of the Bernebased lift producer, which has a history that goes back 135 years. With 200 employees, the company has a strong position in a competitive market. New challenges have always been approached with the ambition to master them in the best possible way. The same is also true for the replacement of the analogue phone connections in appropriately equipped lifts, which is required due to the phasing-out of the analogue network by Swisscom. “We have been in discussions with Swisscom for over two years to develop a solution that will work well for us as well as well as our customers in the long-term,” explains CEO Bernhard Emch. “When it comes to safety, there are no compromises: every lift built according to current standards must be equipped with a voice connection for emergencies that works at all times.”


The solution: mobile technology for voice and data transmission.

The schedule for implementation is very swift: Swisscom aims to terminate the operation of the analogue telephony network by the end of 2017. EMCH, who is responsible for safety in around 6,000 lifts, is working nonstop on a future-proof solution. The solution is clear: communication in the lifts will now take place via a mobile network. “Mobile transmission is safer than analogue transmission,” says Bernhard Emch. “Damage to cables can no longer cause safety problems. However: Swisscom now has the challenge of guaranteeing seamless coverage throughout the country with its mobile network – even in the event of overloads and power cuts – as well as providing solutions for special cases. The VSA (association of Swiss lift companies), of which we are also a member, is negotiating with Swisscom regarding this as well as the time of the switch.”

The result: benefits for owners and property management companies.

“The new solution will reduce the workload of the owners,” says Bernhard Emch, describing the customer benefits. “They will no longer have to worry about their connection subscriptions. The responsibility for ensuring a voice connection that works around the clock now falls to the lift provider. Furthermore, lifts will be able to send messages to the central office autonomously in the future. Property management companies will in turn be able to transmit their information to the lift displays directly via the data network. Conclusion: the technology switch is a challenge, but it also provides a host of opportunities!”

These products are used by EMCH Aufzüge AG


All IP stands for “one network for everything”. The switch to All IP is currently taking place worldwide and means that fixed network phones, TVs, mobile phones and the Internet communicate together.

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