Success Story of Geberit

«E-Invoicing International from Swisscom meets our needs in every respect.»

Philippe Purtschert,
Head Finance, BI & HCM Applications, Geberit

E-Invoicing International: Installed know-how for electronic invoicing

The international subsidiaries of the Geberit Group bill one another for services rendered. Geberit now benefits from E-Invoicing International from Swisscom, a complete electronic solution, when processing its intercompany invoices.

The Geberit Group operates production plants and sales organisations in some 40 countries worldwide. Group-internal services are billed using intercompany invoices.

In spring 2009, the company switched to the E-Invoicing International solution from Swisscom and all bills have been issued and processed electronically since then.

“The decision to replace the time-honoured paper billing process by electronic means was taken following intensive preliminary considerations and analyses,” says Roland Iff, Chief Financial Officer of Geberit. The expectation was that it would eliminate media breaks and increase the overall accuracy of accounting.

The challenge of compliance

End-to-end digital invoice processing, from the initial exchange all the way to processing and billing, raises process efficiency and lowers costs. An absolute prerequisite for this change was compliance with all rules and regulations. Philippe Purtschert, Head of Finance, BI & HCM Applications at Geberit, sums it up: “As far as legal and process security goes, we cannot and will not accept any compromises.”

E-Invoicing International

E-Invoicing International from Swisscom guarantees the legal security and reliability of processes, something indispensable for any company that has to meet legal requirements and rules in a number of countries. Since Geberit uses SAP as its backend system, its group structure and processes were mapped onto the SAP system and onto the Conextrade marketplace used to order the selected services.

E-Invoicing International at Geberit is focused on intercompany invoices. The solution covers 82 international connections for the customer. The solution from Swisscom processes between one and two million invoices every year.

The scope of the installation includes signature services for creditor and debtor invoices, controls of VAT and schedule conformity, transaction monitoring, validation tools and monitoring for accounting audits and compliance documentation. Geberit’s own archive stores the original invoices in full compliance with legislation.

Compliant and expandable

Geberit’s expectations of E-Invoicing International have been met in every respect. In ensuring full compliance, Swisscom guarantees the conformity of E-Invoicing International with local legal requirements. The technical processes are also audited to ensure of process security.

The entirely paperless exchange of invoices has led to substantial cost savings. And the solution can be expanded whenever required to optimise processes even further. Geberit has already integrated the first suppliers and customers into the process flow of electronic invoice processing. “We will continue to expand the solution,” confirms Ueli Vogt, IT Manager SAP Logistics.

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Geberit develops high-powered, intelligent systems and innovative products for sanitary engineering. The systems for curtain wall installation, drinking and waste water are precisely adapted to each other and enjoy a global reputation. Founded in 1874, the company is based in Rapperswil-Jona/SG and has branches, sales offices and production sites in 40 countries. The European market leader in sanitary engineering generates revenue of 2.2 billion francs and has a global workforce of 5,600.


Your benefits

  • Legal certainty: Compliant solution including documentation and auditing
  • International: The scope of functions takes the operating requirements and legal conditions of international logistics into account
  • No media breaks: All process steps involved in issuing and processing of invoices are handled electronically
  • Cost savings: Clear increase in process efficiency and significant cost reductions as a result
  • Integration in existing IT environment: Connected to SAP corporate software
  • State-of-the-art: Solution and operation by an experienced and reliable provider, Swisscom

These products are used by Geberit

E-Invoicing Conextrade

E-Invoicing is an VAT-compliant invoicing process: data becomes converted, validated and then sent to the recipient.

The Conextrade-Portal

The Conextrade portal is the platform for electronic invoicing and exchange of data for all SMEs in Switzerland.