Success Story of ICS Identcode Systeme AG

«The ideal solution for connecting up branch offices – communication is now much easier.»

Jiri Cerny,
Director, ICS Identcode Systeme AG

Spanning the “Rösti Rift” at the speed of light

Headquarters in Pfäffikon in Zurich, a branch office in Renens in Vaud – and a fast line for voice and data transmission between the two: Making communi­cation at ICS easy with Swisscom’s all-round package.

The challenge: eliminating hindrances to telephony and data traffic.

ICS Identcode Systeme AG is a leading system integra­tor in the automatic identification industry. The company, which has 21 employees, is specialised in simplifying data communication between the flow of information and material. The systems allow customers of ICS to improve efficiency significantly and simplify logistics processes. ICS is also looking for more simplicity within its own environment. As its director, Jiri Cerny, says: “The private branch exchange in our branch office in western Switzerland exhibited shortcomings, and was getting on in years. Moreover, the branch office was not optimally connected by the data network: Access to the central ERP at headquarters was proving difficult. We wanted a solution for both problem areas which would require as little outlay on our part as possible.”

The solution: a low-maintenance IP complete package.

Following a workshop in which the requirements were defined, ICS decided on Managed Business Communication from Swisscom. This saved having to invest in a new private branch exchange, because the managed solution offers a fully fledged IP private branch exchange for headquarters and the branch office from the Swisscom data centre. “Today, we can see who’s calling from in-house on the display, which is really practical. The name is also visible for a number of customers,” as Jiri Cerny describes one of the many advantages of this solution. Swisscom takes care of all the hardware, monitors the data lines and provides support. A flat rate valid for the entire Swiss fixed-line and mobile network is also included in the all-round communications package. Invoicing is transparent, with a monthly fixed price being charged for each user profile.

The result: more speed, more convenience, lower costs.

Jiri Cerny is convinced that the right choice was made: “Managed Business Communication is the ideal solution for connecting up branch offices – communication has become more straightforward, even though we’re not yet using all the features. Direct dialling from Outlook or making calls conveniently using software telephones aren’t yet in widespread use. The managed service from Swisscom reduces our workload appreciably, because we no longer have to deal with hardware or connectivity, for example. What’s also delighted us is that we’re paying less than we used to, while getting better service at the same time.”


These products are used by ICS AG

Managed Business Communication

Modern telephony solution at a fixed monthly price. Ideal for small and medium enterprises and companies with a branch structure. Find out more about Managed Business Communication now.