Katadyn Products Inc.

Success Story of Katadyn Products Inc.

«SharePoint Online is a fantastic, powerful tool. We’re benefiting from the Swisscom experts’ broad wealth of experience.»

Trix Ammann,
Executive Director,, Katadyn Products Inc.

Efficient global collaboration.

The Katadyn Group is the global leader for individual water purification systems. Thanks to the SharePoint Online solution from Swisscom, information flows perfectly within the company.

The challenge: to create an international platform.

For Katadyn’s 170 employees, team work is high on the priority list, even across continents: with its headquarters in Kemptthal, the group has offices in Europe, Asia and the USA. “Our previous collaboration solution no longer met our requirements,” explains Executive Director Trix Ammann. “We were constantly opening new sites that were unable to use many of the functions of the free platform. Logging in was often laborious and slow access made our work more difficult. We looked for a solution that would give all employees quick access to the Internet all over the world. We also need standard folders for shared documents and a clear explanation of our processes with the help of workflows.”

The solution: global Intranet including configuration.

Microsoft Office 365 with SharePoint Online provides all the functions that Katadyn needs for successful collaboration at a very attractive price. After a simple, secure login procedure, documents and information can be worked on together and shared from anywhere. The cloud-based collaboration platform is intensively used for production planning, project sites, alerts or ISO quality documentation. Swisscom set up the platform for all locations very quickly and configured it as required. Licences are invoiced on a daily basis and Katadyn pays for the entire SharePoint Online service conveniently via its monthly Swisscom telephone bill. Local support from Swisscom is included in the Office 365 services.

The result: teamwork without frictional losses.

Trix Ammann is delighted with the successful introduction of SharePoint Online: “In my opinion, initial configuration by Swisscom experts is essential. It means our new platform is designed exactly how we want it. The experts created templates that make our project work easier. The comprehensive search
functions are also very useful and, thanks to the workflows, cross-departmental processes run more smoothly. When content changes, the different company sites are alerted, which saves them looking for updates. The Microsoft Office 365 platform gives us many more opportunities to make our global
collaboration even more efficient.”

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