Success Story of Landert Motoren AG

«We attained the objectives of the SAP ERP rollout thanks to Swisscom's solid experience with SAP and the skilled support it provides.»

Werner Zambroni,
Head of IT, Landert Motoren AG

Strike! The rollout of SAP ERP at Landert Motoren AG proves a complete success

Strike – project by name, program by nature

The rollout of ERP 6.0 was started in August 2011, using a best practice approach. Nineteen months later, all modules are operating stably and the project has won the SAP Quality Award 2013.

Werner Zambroni, Head of IT at Landert Motoren AG, recalls: “There were no ‘ifs and buts’ in the project: from executive management to users, everybody was committed to the SAP rollout. We mobilised our concentrated expertise in-house and were able to build on the SAP know-how of our implementation partner, Swisscom. With this combination, the success of the project was guaranteed.”

A forward-looking company chooses forward-looking software

After ten years, the IT solution specifically developed for the company by J.D. Edwards had to be replaced, as it was no longer able to handle new releases. Evaluations for a new software solution began, and SAP ERP with Swisscom as rollout partner was chosen. One of the winning arguments for this solution was that SAP Standard offers many different modules and is well established within the industrial landscape. This also means that Landert Motoren AG will be more likely to find qualified IT and SAP users in the labour market in the future.

Capable of adapting to the market thanks to IT

Like many leading industrial companies, Landert Motoren AG has to contend with constant change if it is to be best equipped to satisfy the demands of the international market. Not only its organisational structures, but its logistic and administrative processes, too, have to be adapted in line with constantly changing conditions. This means that a perfectly functioning IT solution and a flexible IT advisory partner with experience of intercompany processes are an absolute must.

IT that brings everyone closer together

The SAP ERP rollout project was started at a time of substantial internal change and, during this phase, acted as a highly integrating force for the company. The two divisions Tormax and Servax were brought closer together through the streamlining and merging of processes for manufacturing and purchase planning as well as through people coming together to work on sub-projects that were always staffed by employees from both divisions.

Success factor: time to market

The introduction and integration of the SAP components distribution, materials management, warehouse management, production, project system, quality management and service together with the integrated management of drawing and product master data shortened lead times and made information on both of the company’s divisions available on a centralised basis. The connection of the CAD system from Unigraphics marked a major step in the direction of simultaneous engineering and time to market. The extremely innovative and forwardlooking integration of drawing management into ERP was achieved via an SAP add-on. Today, a Landert production order shows all valid drawings. All product documents are stored on a content server and are thus available in all processes.

Customised project management

At project kick-off, the crucial decision to keep the scope close to the standard and gear it towards strict change management set the course of the project. The SAP services specialists at Swisscom recommended that Landert adopt their proven project methodology: implementation on the basis of a pre-configured best practice system and the specification of defined project phases with clear milestones that are accepted. Scoping took place after a long phase of user training based on best practice standard processes. This proved to be a major advantage, as people were already aware of the possibilities offered by the Standard and were then free to focus on the deviations from the Standard processes. Now, two months after go-live, all systems are running smoothly. SAP is now the leading system at Landert Motoren AG, which is highlighted by the fact the “old” systems have either been deactivated or are now available on a read-only basis.

Landert Motoren (PDF)

Landert Motoren

Landert Motoren AG is an independent Swiss family company which has its headquarters in Bülach near Zurich. Landert Motoren Group has a workforce of more than 700 across all five continents. The company is active all over the world with 14 group companies. It has two divisions: Tormax (automatic doors) and Servax (customised electric motors).



SAP ERP 6.0 with best practice approach and installed modules

  • Production logistics: SD, MM, WM, PP, PS, QM, CS, PL
  • Financial processes: FI, CO
  • HR processes: SAP HR


The benefits at a glance

  • Harmonisation of processes of Tormax and Servax in manufacturing and purchase planning
  • Extremely extensive scope with wide range of SAP modules and processes
  • Excellent basis for future expansion
  • Extensive intercompany processing
  • Integration of drawing management



  • Interface/add-on for CAD integration into SAP ERP
  • Good scope and change management
  • Implementation was close to the SAP Standard, which keeps maintenance costs down

These products are used by Landert Motoren AG

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