Success Story Metalor Technologies SA

«Telehousing has greatly increased our security and created more space for our core activities.»

Dhaness Bhimjee,
CIO, Metalor Technologies SA

The secure safe for valuable data.

For precious metals specialist Metalor, constant availability of its servers and data security have the highest priority. Swisscom offers the company’s IT infrastructure a secure environment.

The challenge: 24/7 operation is obligatory.

Metalor Technologies SA is an international group with its headquarters in Switzerland and branches in 17 countries. The group is a leading supplier in the field of precious metals and what is known as advanced materials. When the company needed to renew its data centre, it was faced with the question of whether to outsource or to build it itself. As CIO Dhaness Bhimjee says: “Our top management is of the opinion that operating the IT infrastructure is not part of our business. Our applications are much more important, and that is what we concentrate on. That is why we went looking for a partner for the operation and administration of our servers – a partner who could also offer us future-proof and reliable technology. With outsourcing, we intended to save between 30 and 35 percent of our costs. We also wanted an effective disaster recovery plan, as IT failures have wide-reaching consequences for us.”

The solution: a “No entry” sign for every threat.

What were the possible factors that could place Metalor’s IT operations at risk? Fire, sabotage, power failure, heat, moisture, uninvited guests in the server room, system crashes etc. In order to provide serious protection against these risks, Metalor would have needed to invest a lot of money into construction measures and personnel. With Telehousing metro, the company has been able to delegate these tasks with confidence to Swisscom. Its servers are operated on a redundant basis in two Swisscom data centres in Switzerland and are linked via high-performance networks. The data centres’ safety systems are top notch – they fulfil the most stringent requirements with regard to fire safety, access control, power supply, air conditioning and round-the-clock monitoring.

The result: free space for worthwhile ideas.

Why did Metalor choose Swisscom as its partner? Dhaness Bhimjee can explain: “The clinching factor was the complete package of local vicinity, security and costs. We benefit from Swisscom experts’ expertise and the guarantee that our operational business platform will be available 24/7. Both monitoring and the processes are organised excellently. Any problems that arise are remedied very quickly – Swisscom is right there, and they’ll do it! My conclusion: Tele­housing has greatly increased our security and created more space for our core activities.”

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Telehousing metro offers you a secure home for your IT in one of our nine Telehousing data centers.