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Office 365 from Swisscom helps us manage our growth.

Facts & Figures

February 2020

Company Facts:

Company: SKAN

Idusrty: Engineering

Employees: approx. 800

Project Facts:

  • Efficient mobile working
  • High flexibility
  • Variable costs

Company growth without IT pain

SKAN is the global market leader for isolator production, cleanroom equipment and decontamination processes for the pharmaceutical industry. The company is growing rapidly and is dependent on highly flexible, powerful IT solutions. With Office 365 from Swisscom, it gets the flexibility it needs.


As the industry’s ‘best in class’, SKAN has high standards when it comes to IT – and ensuring its service engineers and sales staff appear highly professional to its customers. According to Burim Maraj, CFO at SKAN, there used to be unwanted delays: “Our staff could hardly access any relevant data on our servers when they were at customers’ premises, which slowed down their work. Our people need to have the office at their fingertips and be able to react quickly wherever they are!”


The company’s rapid growth meant something had to be done. Over 300 new members of staff joined SKAN in a short period of time. “We needed a solution that would grow flexibly with us and reduce our administrative workload,” says Maraj.


With Office 365 from Swisscom, Burim Maraj solved several problems at once. Employees can access company data and applications in the highly available Microsoft Cloud wherever they are. International cooperation has become simpler and more efficient – partly thanks to Work Smart coaching by Swisscom apprentices.


And the company’s growth is now causing fewer problems for its IT department: SKAN can order or deactivate new Office 365 accounts – as well as MS Visio and MS Project online profiles – quickly with a click in the Swisscom Dashboard, with accurate monthly billing. “This high degree of flexibility and the variable costs suit us very well,” says Maraj.

Benefits for SKAN

Work more efficiently

Secure access the latest data from anywhere.

Reduce IT administration’s workload 

Activate and deactivate user accounts quickly and flexibly.

High acceptance

Little rebutttoance of the employees due to careful work smart coaching.

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