Success Story of WALO Group

«We used to have to leave the building to use a mobile phone. Now we can communicate seamlessly without any problems.»

Gioiello Giuseppe,
IT manager,, WALO Group

Best mobile network, even behind metre-thick walls.

The WALO Group designs top-quality buildings throughout Switzerland and Europe. Its holding company’s headquarters in the Niederdorf district of Zurich is equipped for modern communication thanks to a Swisscom service.

The challenge: no mobile reception in the old town.

When Zurich’s old town was built, not even the most imaginative of visionaries could have dreamt that it would one day be possible to talk to people all over the world with a little device! The requirements of mobile communications were therefore completely ignored, as the WALO Group found out, since it was completely impossible to use mobile phones at its holding company’s headquarters in the Niederdorf district of Zurich. Thick, historic walls and narrow alleyways blocked every signal. What could they do? Giuseppe Gioiello, IT manager, initially planned to install an aerial on the roof. “However, this plan was scuppered when neighbours objected,” he explains. “We had to think of something else and we turned to Swisscom.”

The solution: install a module – and now everything works.

Through its network services, Swisscom had already built an efficient WLAN infrastructure for WALO at its holding company’s headquarters. “The mobile network solution was amazingly simple,” says Giuseppe Gioiello. “Swisscom installed an extra Femto module at the existing WLAN access point. It brings the 3G signal into the building and distributes it reliably, even in the basement.” The module is part of Swisscom’s Inhouse Mobile Service. As well as optimal positioning of the hardware, the service includes professional measuring procedures and capacity planning, seamless integration into the Swiss mobile network, and operation and maintenance by Swisscom experts. WALO gets the whole service package for a fixed monthly price.

The result: work smoothly without standing in the rain.

“With the new mobile telephony solution, we have now brought the holding company headquarters into line with WALO’s high communications infrastructure standards,” explains Giuseppe Gioiello. “Whereas we used to have to leave the building to use a mobile phone, we can now work efficiently inside with the best network quality and sufficient capacity. We are currently planning to introduce the same solution in a branch with similar reception problems. Swisscom is an important partner for us, offering us a variety of services: from the WLAN service to inter-location networking to the new Inhouse Mobile Service. ‘Good together’ – that’s the motto of our collaboration!”

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