Success Story of Winterthur Gas & Diesel AG

«It’s only thanks to Swisscom’s agile methods that we managed to meet the deadlines for the new web portals.»

Michael James Alaba,
Project Manager, Winterthur Gas & Diesel AG

New web portals in record time

Winterthur Gas & Diesel AG (WinGD), a leading developer of low-speed two-stroke gas and diesel engines used for ship propulsion in merchant shipping, entrusted Swisscom, thanks to its technical and methodical expertise, with the task of developing its web applications.

The challenge: Five web applications in only five months

Time was short. The newly established Winterthur Gas & Diesel AG urgently needed new web portals to be set up quickly: firstly to assist the collaboration of its staff, who were spread all over the world, and secondly to convey an attractive public image. All that was known when the project began were the deadlines. Swisscom’s software developers had five months to develop and implement a new document management system, a collaboration solution and a CMS for the company’s new website. A new Intranet system was also needed because the existing one could not be migrated. That was not all, since the requirements also frequently changed as new knowledge came to light.

The solution: Agile development methods and an iterative approach

Traditional project methods would not have been sufficient to complete this task within the timeframe laid down. Early on in the project, in view of rapid changes and increasingly tight deadlines, Swisscom introduced its own agile development methods, based essentially on well-known frameworks such as Scrum and Kanban. By applying these methods, the development team was able to use iterations from the start of the project while, in parallel, concept work and research was carried out in relation to requirements that were still unclear. This iterative approach enabled the Swisscom team to implement each conceptual part and check it on a test platform within the space of two weeks.

The result: Top quality service as required

Swisscom listed the requirements for all the applications in a shared backlog. Thanks to close contact between WinGD and the development team, the team always knew exactly what was especially important for the customer in terms of function implementation. Despite the challenging timetable, it was able to provide a top-quality service as required. The portal applications went live four days before the deadline. “It is only thanks to the Swisscom team’s experience and professionalism that we were able to reach our targets together in such a short time,” said Michael James Alaba, the man in charge of WinGD’s portal applications.

Winterthur Gas & Diesel AG

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