Artificial intelligence brings us closer to our customers

“Satisfied customers thanks to quick solutions”

Call centre staff are finding it more and more difficult to find the right information efficiently. On the one hand, the sheer
quantity of available information grows with every incoming query, while on the other, the information is stored in the
most diverse of locations. The result? Dissatisfied customers who have to wait too long for their problems to be solved, and
stressed customer service staff. However, thanks to artificial intelligence from Swisscom, a solution is at hand.


Customer service staff have a difficult task. They need to be familiar with the countless products and services offered by their employer, and to be able to use numerous support tools and manage various communication channels, such as telephone, e-mail and chat. In most cases, the relevant information, stored in various systems, still has to be manually located. As a result, customers often have to spend too long waiting for a solution.


A system developed by Swisscom uses artificial intelligence to automatically seek the best solution to a problem by searching the various sources of information in a company’s existing infrastructure. The results are shown to the staff member in real time in his or her usual environment in accordance with the ‘best solution’ principle. Thanks to the much quicker service, customers are satisfied and staff are motivated.

Artificial intelligence for customer support in brief

> Deal with customer queries
    faster and more accurately

> Broader support for products
    and services

> More efficient knowledge sharing
    between call centre staff

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Ronald van Veeren

Head of Service Desk IT Swisscom Enterprise Customers

Ronald van Veeren, please complete the following sentences:

Thanks to artificial intelligence for customer support…

“…customers and staff alike benefit from the fact that solutions can be found quickly.”

The solution is suitable…

“…both during peak times and at night, when fewer staff are on duty.”

The main advantage of the system…

“…is that, thanks to staff evaluation, the artificial intelligence is always learning and therefore becoming more and more accurate.”

For you, artificial intelligence for customer support means…

“…that staff can address customer queries without any stress.”