Success Story of Alphapay AG

«Swisscom concluded the project successfully and on time.»

Gerald Strauss,
CIO, Alphapay AG

The workstation that saves money: Reduce outlay and simplify processes in an efficient manner with the new Taskworker workstation

With the Taskworker workstation, Alphapay is taking a new approach towards workstation design that provides it with numerous benefits. One of the key benefits was the ability to reduce energy consumption significantly by simplifying the stationary workstations. What’s more, this benefit not only produces cost savings; the simplified handling has led to an increase in employee satisfaction and wellbeing, which is having a positive effect on Alphapay’s business results.

Starting position

M«What should the future workstations of Alphapay employees look like?» This is the question that Gerald Strauss, CIO of Alphapay, had been asking himself for quite some time. Above all, he wanted to know which infrastructure would be required in order to be able to operate in a more flexible and costefficient manner. The Taskworker workstation of Swisscom matched his expectations precisely, which meant a solution could be developed that fulfilled his all of his individual requirements. Swisscom, with its competent team of experts, was already known to Gerald Strauss as a professional and innovative business partner. And thanks to this solid foundation, it was possible to implement the new workplace solution «Taskworker» for the first time in a live environment.

Starting position

1.) A thin client end device with a Linux operating system, which performed much better than standard desktop devices in relation to noise, heat generation, dust levels, space requirements and operating costs. The new IT workstations are virtually maintenance free and require significantly less user support. A new workstations can be commissioned in less than 5 minutes, and the devices start in a matter of seconds.

2.) Terminal Workplace (TWP), the virtual workstation for Swisscom companies, allows employees to access their workstation and business applications via any device with a browser. The actual workstations run via server farms in one of Swisscom’s data centres. The thin clients forward user input to the server farm, and the activities and actions displayed on the screen are transferred back in realtime via the WAN connection.

One of the most important issues for Alphapay, during the workstation standardisation project, was the integration of its business applications into Swisscom’s terminal server farm. The rollout of the new solution was completed on time and with the required level of quality thanks to Swisscom’s experienced project team.

Customer benefits

Gerald Strauss is completely satisfied with the with the Taskworker workstations: «It is definitely the right infrastructure for us, and the solution’s excellent value for money was one of the decisive factors. One contact person and everything from a single source represent real benefits for us. The close cooperation worked very well and has definitely paid off».

The price model for service provision impressed Alphapay thanks to its high level of flexibility. In addition to lower power consumption and minimal dust and noise generation due to the utilisation of thin clients, the Alphapay employees also appreciate the excellent performance of the new workstations and flexibility of being able to access their workstations using other devices. Another advantage quickly became apparent during the installation of new software releases: the installation of such releases runs smoothly and does not require any user input, thereby reducing the loss of productive working time. The maintenance free end devices also reduce the number of on-site administrative activities considerably, which, in turn, also has a positive effect on user satisfaction. Furthermore, service costs are also much lower, as users can replace a defect thin client them-selves, instead of having to call a technician. Once the migration had been completed successfully and without any problems, all applications could be accessed as usual – without any restrictions. What’s more, certain applications are now performing even better than previously, as the central unit of the workstation and the applications are located within the same data centre.

Alphapay (PDF)

Alphapay SA

Alphapay, an independent subsidiary of Swisscom, is an innovative provi-der of services for integrated debt management. It processes more than 150,000 payment issues for numerous customers each year at four locations in all language regions. It focuses on fair processes, which allow it to maintain customer loyalty consistently.


The benefits at a glance

  • Significant reduction in energy consumption and lower dust and noise generation thanks to the use of thin clients.
  • Flexible pricing model for the provision of services. Alphapay only pays for what it actually uses.
  • No user input during the installation of new software releases and, there-fore, no loss of productive working time.
  • Massive reduction in the number of on-site administrative activities through the use of maintenance free devices, which also increases user satisfaction.
  • Users can replace defective thin clients themselves

These products are used by Alphapay AG

Application, Web and Database Server Hosting

Server hosting for applications, databases, backups and web hosting – flexible and cost-efficient.

Connected Workplace Service

Holistic management solution for virtual workplaces including administration of business applications. Central data storage in the Swisscom data centre.

IT Business Continuity

IT Business Continuity for protection in the event of IT downtime, by means of risk evaluation, prompt data recovery.

Client Hardware Service

Various services relating to hardware: Acquisition, connection and operation of end devices, lifecycle management, user support, repair services, etc. All for a fixed monthly price. Find out more about the Client Hardware Service now.

Converged Data Center Solutions

Your virtualised data center solution with server, storage and network, supplemented with Swisscom services.

Rich Workplace

Holistic management solution for client workplaces, including software distribution, software packaging, asset management and best-practice security.