Success Story AWK Group

«Storebox is inexpensive, reliable and reduces the workload on your own IT services, because the users can effortlessly manage the service themselves.»

Peter Gabriel,
Partner, AWK Group

The secure Swiss solution for Cloud-based data.

The AWK Group is a leading Swiss ICT consultancy firm. To ensure an efficient and straightforward exchange of data, it relies on Storebox – the secure Cloud storage solution from Swisscom.

The challenge: finding a straightforward tool for the consultants.

Consulting, engineering and project management: This is the core business activity of the AWK Group. A large number of the more than 200 employees – predominantly engineers, IT specialists and physicists – work either at the customer’s business premises, or at changing locations. Their work depends on them being able to access their current project data from everywhere. To exchange data with the customers, and to work together on processing the data, a collaboration platform based on Sharepoint was introduced. «This system proved to be rather complicated in everyday use,» as Peter Gabriel describes what motivated the search for a new solution. «We wanted to make an easy-to-use tool available to our consultants – one which would also allow them to grant their customers straightforward access to data.»

The solution: convenient collaboration in the Cloud.

«Initially, we planned on developing a solution of our own,» as Peter Gabriel explains. «But then we found out about Storebox and realised that this service provides everything we needed – and at a reasonable price.» The employees of AWK are now using Storebox to exchange project data with their customers. The automatic synchronisation means they always have the latest versions of the files available on their laptops, and are able to edit the files offline as well. Enabling access to specific folders and files for customers and colleagues to work on together is child’s play: Storebox generates a corresponding link, which the consultants send out. It is equally straightforward for customers and consultants to upload files of their own to a shared Storebox project folder.

The result: an unobstructed and secure path for business data.

Peter Gabriel can recommend Storebox to other companies in glowing terms: «Anyone who wants to relocate their data repositories to the Cloud will find that Storebox meets their expectations well. «The service is inexpensive, reliable and reduces the workload on your own IT services, because the users can effortlessly manage it themselves. And it’s exactly right in terms of security – a key requirement for us and for our customers: The data are stored in Switzerland. Swisscom is a highly trustworthy partner with its professional organisation, its well-executed processes and high standards of security.»

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Storebox enables your employees to securely access company data and share documents with outside partners, wherever they are and on any device.