"Thanks to the Swisscom Global Public Cloud team, Blockchain AG can now provide resources for a variety of blockchain applications more easily and securely."

Sven Möller

Head of Tokenization Services

Swisscom Blockchain AG

Facts & Figures

November 2018

Company Facts:
Company name: Swisscom Blockchain AG
Headquarters: Zürich
Industry: IT & Communication
Employees: 42

Faster implementation of your own blockchain

Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionise business models and ecosystems in all industries. Known as the basis for virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, the distributed databases can be used to execute transactions without the need for a central point of control. As a result of this, supply chains, payment flows and contractual relationships can be simplified drastically.

Blockchain AG was launched in 2017 to tap into the potential of blockchains for its customers. In addition to strategic consulting, the Swisscom subsidiary also offers solution development, the provision and operation of the required infrastructure as a one-stop shop, and can also accompany ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) as an alternative source of financing.


Blockchain AG's customers include trendy start-ups as well as renowned companies from the insurance, banking and pharmaceutical industries. Whereas the applications of the latter are operated exclusively on the highly reliable and secure cloud infrastructure of Swisscom, Blockchain AG also uses the global public cloud AWS (Amazon Web Services) for other cases - for example for pilot and test projects and also for customers for whom data storage in Switzerland is not a priority.

In order to make better use of the flexible and inexpensive resources and to provide blockchain networks more quickly, Blockchain AG was looking for a solid, automated full node solution for AWS. To this end, it enlisted the support of the Global Public Cloud Team from the parent company, which offers various professional services for AWS and has the corresponding in-depth knowledge.


The Swisscom team provided a solution in the form of 'Infrastructure as Code' and made use of the AWS cloud formation for this purpose. With this service, infrastructure resources of a cloud environment can be described, automatically provided and stored as reusable templates. Modelling is completed using a text file, for example in JSON or YAML format.

The Global Public Cloud Team of Swisscom developed a total of three different templates for the creation of a VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) and full nodes for the complete validation of blocks and transactions in a blockchain.

The project followed an agile process with short feedback loops, which meant the solution was up and running very quickly.


Thanks to the reusable configuration files, the Blockchain AG team can now make AWS resources available to their customers and their own applications much faster, more securely and with minimum effort. This, in turn, allows the company to concentrate on its core competencies. At the same time, customers benefit from improved stability and shorter project terms thanks to the high degree of standardisation. 

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