Success Story of Garaio AG

«We were able to reduce our telephony costs by a third and obtain a much greater range of functions.»

Thomas Müller,
CIO, Garaio AG

"Just making phone calls" is a thing of the past

GARAIO AG develops customised software solutions for prestigious customers. With an MCC Microsoft solution from Swisscom, it has perfected the collaboration.

The challenge: work more productively and make cheaper phone calls.

At GARAIO around 120 employees at three locations develop sophisticated products and solutions for real estate and space management, for e-commerce, electronic business and efficient collaboration. The latter should also be optimised in-house, recounts CIO Thomas Müller: “With the previous telephony solution we were just able to make phone calls – and that was it. This was not enough for our tech-savvy employees: They installed their own ‘communication biotopes’, e.g. with instant messaging programs. The telephone costs were also too high. We wanted to reduce them with a new communication solution and expand the range of functions at the same time. In other words, gear up for business in the future.

The solution: obtain modern tools as a service.

Do away with old telephones and replace them with functions which facilitate collaboration: Today the GARAIO employees communicate in a modern way with an MCC Microsoft platform managed by Swisscom. Skype for Business plays a central role here. It not only allows phone calls to be made conveniently via a headset – brief requests to colleagues via instant messaging are also possible. Content and screens can easily be shared – according to Thomas Müller this is a feature that is popular and used often and greatly simplifies support, for example. Then there is the presence display: Here you can see at a glance who can be contacted when in which way. GARAIO procures the MCC Microsoft platform with all the tools from Swisscom as a service with predictable fixed monthly costs.

The result: the smooth collaboration is a delight.

Thomas Müller sees his requirements met: “We were able to reduce our telephony costs by a third and at the same time obtain a much greater range of functions. The new tools enable us to work more productively. Previously when we called a colleague who was not available, we were put through to the exchange and this caused unnecessary expense there. The presence display puts an end to this. Instead of individual solutions – e.g. for instant messaging – today we are all in the same place, which makes many things easier. And if you prefer to use your mobile phone rather than a headset to make phone calls, you can easily install a Skype for Business client on it to do this.”

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