Success Story of Manpower Switzerland

«Our IT infrastructure must be efficient, agile and fast. By outsourcing to Swisscom, we achieve these goals.»

Pascal Frauchiger,
Head of Infrastructure, Manpower Switzerland

20 per cent lower TCO thanks to cloud computing center.

With 400 of its own and 22,000 placed employees, Manpower is among the leading recruitment companies in Switzerland. The company procures its IT infrastructure from Swisscom.

The challenge: building an efficient basis for the ICT future.

Until a few months ago, Manpower operated two computer centers of its own for its 60 branches. To upgrade them, investments of several hundred thousand francs would have been required. “A good time to develop a future-oriented ICT strategy,” Pascal Frauchiger, Head of Infrastructure, says of the initial situation. “In a first step, we decided to outsource the IT infrastructure, as it is not part of our core business. We were looking for a solution that reliably supplies the required resources: our front applications absolutely must run without incident! In addition, the new platform needed to be flexible enough to quickly provide greater capacity for new business requirements.”


The solution: IT power on demand from the Swisscom cloud.

“Zero inhouse data center” is the name Manpower has given to this first milestone in the new ICT strategy. With its Dynamic Data Center, Swisscom provides the ideal solution. Instead of providing computing capacity and memory in its own servers, Manpower procures these services from the Swisscom cloud. With the Secure Gateway and Cloud Security services, the data is optimally protected. If the company requires additional resources, these are available a few minutes after ordering via the self-service portal. Investments in expensive hardware are no longer required, confirms Pascal Frauchiger: “We pay only for those services that we actually use – the costs can be calculated and, compared to previously, we save around 20 per cent when it comes to TCO.”

The result: first milestone achieved perfectly.

“Swisscom presented solutions that meet our needs,” Pascal Frauchiger is pleased to note. “We no longer need to take care of operating our IT infrastructure or deal with lifecycle topics. When it comes to system reliability, we are in a much better position now: the recovery point objective (RPO) has been reduced from one week to virtually zero and the recovery time objective (RTO) has been reduced from four weeks to two days. Not least, the Dynamic Data Center is the powerful basis for our further expansion steps: the implementation of a communication and collaboration solution and establishing total mobility at work.”

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