Success Story Manpower Switzerland

«Work Smart Coaching is a brilliant way of breaking down barriers.»

Pascal Frauchiger,
Head of Infrastructure, Manpower Switzerland

Switching to UCC: youngsters show how it’s done.

Manpower is one of Switzerland’s leading recruitment agencies. Friendly Swisscom trainees helped its 400 employees with the switch to UCC.

The challenge: to promote acceptance and use of new working methods.

With 60 branches all over Switzerland, Manpower helps its customers to recruit around 22,000 employees each year. A seamless communications infrastructure is a vital key to success in the recruitment industry, with telephone and e-mail especially important. By adopting UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration), Manpower brought together all its communication channels in a central, efficient platform. However, a UCC solution is only worth having if it is actually used, and Manpower’s directors were aware of this when they planned the introduction of new, smart working methods. Pascal Frauchiger, Head of Infrastructure, explains: “The workplace is changing, and people’s habits are also changing. We only make phone calls with a headset and PC nowadays. We wanted to make the switch as easy as possible for our staff.”

The solution: young experts support the generation change.

Manpower received valuable help with the introduction of UCC from Swisscom’s Work Smart Coaching team. Swisscom trainees visited Manpower staff in the workplace and showed them how to use the new functions effortlessly. The trainees’ friendly, pleasant approach helped to ensure that the new working methods were quickly accepted and properly applied. The on-site training that they provided was particularly valuable for older employees who were less confident using technology, since they were able to dispel their concerns and uncertainties.

The result: a great start for UCC.

How does Pascal Frauchiger rate the contribution made by young Swisscom professionals? “With UCC we wanted to substantially improve our workflow and the quality of our customer service. We managed to do this, not least thanks to Work Smart Coaching. Change is never easy. Work Smart Coaching is a brilliant way of breaking down barriers. It works a bit like a family, when grandchildren explain something technical to their grandparents: resistance quickly ebbs away. The youngsters are full of enthusiasm, which often spreads to the older members of staff.”

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