Success Story of Sensile Technologies SA

«Thanks to mobile remote monitoring, the number of deliveries can be reduced by 20%.»

Jean-Marc Uehlinger,
Operational Director, Sensile Technologies SA

Complete solutions for mobile remote monitoring

Sensile Technologies SA develops complete solutions for monitoring heating, fuel and gas tanks. For its customers, Sensile Technologies was looking for a solution to provide real-time information about the fill level of tanks, because if a tank is empty, the heating or hot water immediately goes off, and express deliveries are expensive.

Sensile Technologies developed an efficient telemetry solution: A measuring device is installed on each tank and regularly transmits the fill level to a central platform via the GSM mobile network. The saved information can be accessed by authorised personnel via a web portal. Sensile Technologies not only procures the SIM cards from Swisscom, it also benefits from a stable data connection and the best mobile network coverage in Switzerland. Thanks to Swisscom roaming, Sensile Technologies is able to offer its reliable solution worldwide.

Oil and gas suppliers can access the current fill levels from anywhere. They can optimise purchasing and delivery, reduce logistics costs and increase customer loyalty. Around the world, over 25,000 tanks in more than 36 countries are already being monitored with this method. Thanks to the solution, the number of deliveries has been reduced by 20%. Each year, 2.2 million kilometres are saved, and the carbon footprint is reduced by 2,200 tons.

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