Success Story of smarcom AG

«Our project is extremely complex. Swisscom made a key contribution to our success!»

Markus Egger,
Managing director , smarcom AG

Pay for snacks simply with your mobile

Smarcom develops innovative payment systems and implements new business ideas. With smarpay™, the company has brought convenient payment via mobile phone to the general public – 2,200 Selecta snack machines are connected to the payment system. Swisscom ensures the right connection.

Initial situation: partner sought for pioneer project

Europe’s largest roll-out of a mobile-phone payment solution took place in autumn 2011. Since then, customers at more than 2,200 Selecta snack machines throughout Switzerland can appease their hunger and quench their thirst without having to rummage for coins – a brief text message is enough to send the desired product tumbling into the pickup tray. The basis of this new buying experience is the smarpay™ micropayment solution. To develop this, smarcom sought a dedicated partner who would show initiative from the very beginning. «Selling physical goods via mobile phone requires people to think out of the box. Swisscom understood our issue very well and was therefore the logical partner for us,» explains Markus Egger, managing director at smarcom.

The solution: everything to ensure efficient data flow

Connectivity is a central element of payment via mobile phone. A common denominator needs to be found for the various technologies, hardware and network solutions. Swisscom is making a contribution to ensuring that smarpay™ works perfectly with a range of services – the company equips the vending machines with SIM cards, transfers the data via the LAN Interconnect service, allows remote access via fixed IP addresses with the Remote Access Service and ensures corporate network access for secure over-the-air communication. Furthermore, Swisscom takes care of the business numbers for payment at the machines: 2323 for payment via mobile account, 4455 to use the Post-Finance account.

The customer benefits: achieving success hand in hand

«As simple as our solution is for end customers, from a technological view point it is extremely complex,» says Markus Egger. «As a development partner, Swisscom has supported us immensely and shown a great deal of good will. We approached topics together that go far beyond technical issues – including questions at the sales level and regarding market feasibility. We were delighted to find that Swisscom has more than enough resources and expertise at every level to be able to accomplish such a major project. Our close collaboration was and is a key factor in our success.»

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