Success Story of Swisscom Group Steering

Automatic Contract Analysis

«Thanks to AI I can concentrate on the legally relevant analyses.»

Artificial intelligence is the key to efficient data analysis. With Automatic Contract Analysis, Swisscom is developing an AI application that massively reduces the workload on a company’s contract department. The solution is already being used successfully at Swisscom Group Steering.


Swisscom analyses more than 70,000 old contract documents. This is to ensure, among other things, that contracts with its business customers – often many years old – are checked with regard to the regulatory requirements that apply today. Any necessary actions can then be introduced and documented.


Automatic Contract Analysis analyses existing and new customer contracts and classifies them into groups that are synchronised with existing legal categories. The contract elements are recorded and compared, and AI then generates the corresponding links. This enables a highly efficient search for specific documents and elements.


> Sector: Telecommunications & IT

> Net revenue, target for 2017: around CHF 11.6 billion

> Customers: residential customers, SME, enterprise customers

> Employees: > 21,000

> Ambition: The best companion for digital transformation 

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René Gamma

Project Manager

Mr Gamma, please complete the sentences.

The artificial intelligence of Contract Analysis enables …

«… detailed, fast contract analysis that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.»

We are pleased with the solution because …

«… we can search intuitively and get good results fast.»

Swisscom’s customers are interested in this because …

«… new regulatory requirements demand deep analysis.»

My advertising slogan for Contract Analysis is:

«Do you really know what’s in your existing contracts?»

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Artificial intelligence is the solution if companies are to act intelligently in the future too.

Dr. Michael Baeriswyl

Head of Data, Analytics and AI