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Clinica Hildebrand

Clinica Hildebrand

Success Story of Clinica Hildbrand

«This technology has enabled us to increase patient comfort and safety, because its interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary approach has allowed us to optimise our internal procedures.»

Edith Zanni,
ICT Manager, Clinica Hildbrand

Added comfort and safety for clinic patients

Clinica Hildebrand is a prestigious centre of excellence for neurological and musculoskeletal rehabilitation. With over 230 employees, it provides individualised, interdisciplinary care for its patients.


By establishing a convergent network, Clinica Hildebrand has merged data, voice and multimedia. At their bedsides, patients now have touch-screen access to TV, radio, the Internet, the phone network and videos. This modern entertainment system is integrated into the All-IP network. Doctors and nurses can use the same terminals to retrieve important medical data at the patient’s bedside.


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Network Services

Our complete operational offering for your IP-based communications infrastructure.

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