Success Story of Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

«In Swisscom we have found a reliable and economical partner that takes our requirements seriously.»

Magnus Oetiker,
Chief Hospital Services Officer , Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

Health is a matter of trust. So is IT

The migration to a new SAP release has provided Hirslanden’s hospitals with a powerful, future-oriented IT platform.

The outsourcing partnership with Swisscom enables the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group to focus on its core activities. Outsourcing the operation and maintenance of its SAP systems has provided Hirslanden with numerous advantages: a powerful, stable and scalable platform, regular technology updates and transparent costs. This is something that many thousands of customers, who have entrusted their healthcare to this renowned private hospital group, can benefit from.

It goes without saying that the complex medical services provided by hospitals, which must be able to react quickly to urgent patient requirements at all times, can only be provided when supported by flexible IT systems. It is for this reason that, professionalism, the highest quality standards, reliability and, above all, customer focus are the most important aspects for both Hirslanden and its outsourcing partner, Swisscom. Just like the clinics, which look after the patients who have entrusted them with their care, Swisscom provides a constantly high service level at all times as well as the required level of flexibility during day-to-day business.

Quality and Professionalism

“In order for a partnership to be successful, both parties must act in a cooperative, constructive and critical manner, something that we and Swisscom do,” explains Christian Studer, Manager of ICT Services at the Hirslanden Private Hospital Group.

Best outsourcing experience

The patient master data held by Hirslanden, which is stored in their SAP ERP solution, can be accessed by its 430 SAP users at any time, night or day. The security and protection of health-related patient data is therefore very important. Swisscom has been operating the SAP platform for Hirslanden since 2006 and ensures their requirements are covered at all times. This long-term partnership is proof that the hospital management team is very satisfied with the level of service provided.

As the requirements and demands placed by Hirslanden on the SAP system were continuously increasing, the decision was made in 2009 to migrate from SAP ERP 4.72 to version 6.0. This migration required a 64 Bit technology and, therefore, a new hardware infrastructure. The contract for migrating the software and hardware was awarded to Swisscom. At the same time, the hospital group extended the existing outsourcing contract for the operation of its SAP systems, which also covers the dedicated application and database hosting, by a number of years. Swisscom guarantees stable operation, proactive system management, a high level of system availability and excellent response times.

Swisscom was responsible for planning and realising the hardware infrastructure, the operating systems, the SAP databases and the SAP upgrade. Hirslanden itself handled the overall planning and coordination of other teams involved in the project, which included hospital employees and external suppliers.

From planning through to implementation

The migration services provided by Swisscom included:
- Planning, control and execution of the migration and the SAP release upgrade
- Installation and operation of the new SAP platform
- Relocation of the hardware to a cutting-edge data centre
The project stood out due to a number of aspects. For example, all milestones were approved in full and on schedule during the first review, and the migration project’s change management team displayed a very high level of professionalism. One aspect that proved to be especially beneficial with regard to achieving results was the goal-oriented communication between Swisscom and Hirslanden, which was adjusted in line with the needs of the parties on an ongoing basis during the entire project. The project reporting is also worth mentioning, as this proved to be an important instrument for ensuring the success of the migration.

All expectations met

Hirslanden assessed the technology upgrade positively. The migration was completed successfully, and what’s more important, the new SAP system has fulfilled all user expectations. Furthermore, the current system configuration provides sufficient reserve capacity in order to ensure additional hospitals can be connected if required. This can be completed at any time thanks to the extremely scalable infrastructure.

Hirslanden Private Hospital Group

Hirslanden stands for first-class medical quality, individual care, innovation and efficiency. 1'470 specialists and 5'400 hospital employees support around 74'000 inpatients and 200'000 outpatients each year in the 13 Hirslanden clinics.

The benefits at a glance

  • “State of the Art” solution: the upgrade to SAP release ERP 6.0 has provided the Hirslanden Group with an extremely reliable and powerful platform that will also be able to cope with future requirements
  • Quality: thanks to Swisscom’s comprehensive experience, stable operation of the SAP platform is guaranteed. This means the Hirslanden Group can rely on a high level of availability from their IT systems at all times.
  • Investment protection: outsourcingthe operation of its SAP systems to Swisscom has provided Hirslanden with a number of advantages, such as clearly defined services and in advance calculable operating expenses. This, in turn, provides all participating hospitals with a high level of investment protection.
  • Migration: the professional project management services of Swisscom ensured the migration from SAP ERP 4.72 to 6.0 was completed successfully and on schedule.
  • System optimisation: the platform upgrade has provided users with a variety of benefits. For example, the response times between the applications on the productive system have been halved. Furthermore, additional functions, such as new options for analysing the data stored in the system, are now available.

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