Success Story of Kantonsspital Graubünden

«The choice was simple: Swisscom has the capacities and the resources required for this large project.»

Martin Vincenz (right),
Head of Corporate Communications, Kantonsspital Graubünden

A multimedia offering for patients “as if they were at home”.

Kantonsspital Graubünden in Chur has installed 433 modern multimedia terminals in its patient rooms. The cantonal hospital counted on Swisscom for the planning and implementation of the project.

The challenge: the advent of a new generation is inevitable.

In the past, the entertainment technology in the hospital’s four ward blocks was extremely heterogeneous. Some rooms had terminals, while in others, a tube TV set was still in use. The different systems from different generations caused a considerable amount of maintenance work. In addition, they were based on analogue technology. It was clear to those responsible that the global technology shift to IP systems should not come to a halt at the hospital doors. A new, uniform and IP-based multimedia system was to ensure that the current and future requirements of both the patients and the hospital would be met.

The solution: smart all-rounder at each hospital bed.

In the public invitation to tender, Swisscom and its partner Unify jointly submitted the strongest bid. With the HiMed communication system and the 18-inch multimedia terminals from Unify, the hospital now has a forward-looking solution: It provides all the required services efficiently via one application and manages this centrally. On the large touch screens, patients have 57 TV stations and video on demand in HD quality, 91 radio stations, internet and phone.

The result: the terminals are also broadcasting the music of the future.

“Patients are making extensive use of the entertainment on offer,” says Martin Vincenz from Kantonsspital Graubünden. “For older patients, in particular, the terminals are intuitive and easy to use thanks to the large touch screen. We are finding that it took more time to explain the old devices. But the system offers far more possibilities. For example, we are considering a hospital info channel. Or a patient intranet, where individual physio appointments can be accessed for example. In future, meals could be ordered in the kitchen by fingertip, or patients could operate the lights and blinds, or ring for staff via the terminals. But to return to the present: We are extremely satisfied, not least with the smooth and rapid implementation of this large project by Swisscom.”

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