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We have significantly improved our customer service, teamwork and collaboration.

Facts & Figures

February 2020

Company Facts:

Company: ÖKK

Industry: Health and accident insurance

Employees: over 400

Projekt Facts:

  • Improved customer service
  • More efficient teamwork and collaboration
  • More stable operations

Better communications with Skype for Business

ÖKK’s tagline is “insurance that makes sense”. Annual premiums amounting to around CHF 800 million make the company one of Switzerland's major health and accident insurers. And Swisscom’s Skype for Business is at the heart of its clear-sighted strategy for optimising its customer service, teamwork and collaboration.


The pace of communication and customer interaction at ÖKK was increasing rapidly, with call queuing not an option. Describing the ideal service-delivery solution, CIO Martin Stalder says, “It is vital to have a system of intelligent routing to handle incoming calls from customers and give instant access to their files.”


The existing telephony solution could not offer the necessary integration with business applications. Action was also needed in respect of ÖKK’s internal and external collaboration. A new communication and collaboration platform would speed up the company’s processes. Last but not least, the company wanted to provide its employees with the latest tools and ways of working.


Martin Stalder visited Swisscom customers and was impressed by the performance, security and flexibility offered by the Managed Skype for Business service. “We see digitisation as an opportunity and, with Skype for Business, we are now fit for the future, particularly in terms of AI,” he explains.


Swisscom designed and integrated the peripheral systems. “The process of migration was quick and went without a hitch,” says Stalder. “We have improved our customer experience, we now work more efficiently and make fewer business trips. Thanks to the thorough upskilling provided by Swisscom’s Work Smart coaching team, our employees are very happy. The Managed Service ensures stable operations and planning reliability.”

ÖKK benefits

Better customer service

Accurate routing of customer calls.

More efficient

More efficient collaboration through online interaction instead of business trips.

High acceptance

Little rebutttoance of the employees due to careful work smart coaching.

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