Success story for Basel University Hospital

«The aim of the mobile patient records, to simplify and standardise work processes, has been achieved thanks to Swisscom.»

Dr Jens Jakscha,
ENT consultant, Basel University Hospital

More time, transparency and efficiency at Basel University Hospital thanks to SAP EMR

Basel University Hospital is breaking new ground: doctors and nursing staff from various clinics are working with SAP EMR, the mobile patient records. The hospital is thus addressing the growing need for location-independent availability of consolidated, up-to-date patient information. Following a successful proof of concept at the ENT clinic, ongoing rollout is now underway in further clinics.

The highest standards – including for IT

Basel University Hospital is among the leading medical centres in Switzerland and has internationally recognized high standards. With the implementation of mobile patient records, USB is not only innovative in the field of medicine, it is also breaking new ground in patient care. Swisscom has developed a mobile portal for doctors and nursing staff on the SAP® Electronic Medical Record (EMR) solution, allowing them to access all available patient information using mobile terminal devices from any location. The content is tailored to the specific user. Doctors receive exactly the data they require for ward rounds and medication.

Benefits of the portal

Compared to the mobile applications (apps) of numerous software manufacturers, the portal approach has a convincing advantage: employees can access vital signs, contact data and documents such as doctors’ letters, laboratory reports, DICOM images (x-ray, CT, MRI, PET/CT and US) and diagnostic results using a single access point wherever and whenever they like. Clear graphic presentations in the form of progress curves are also available. All this within the same portal – there is no need for the tedious task of collecting and entering patient data.

Maximum data security

Data security is fully safeguarded. The information is not saved on the mobile devices themselves and can only be called up via secured access. Without a secure network connection, EMR contains no patient data and is completely empty. A high level of patient satisfaction goes hand in hand with maximum data security – any less would be insufficient for the requirements of Basel University Hospital.

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