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Viollier AG

Success Story of Viollier AG

«The hired solution is exactly right for us. Swisscom always offers us the latest technology.»

Lisa Martin,
Call Center Manager , Viollier AG

The direct line to customer satisfaction

Viollier AG is one of the most important private laboratories in Switzerland. Around 600 employees work at more than 20 sites in the service of health. With a Swisscom Managed Contact Center solution, the company has perfected its service quality on the phone.

Initial situation: Increase the service level

Viollier wants to be available to its customers – doctors, patients, hos­ pitals and laboratories – round the clock. The previous solution had many weak points. For example, when a call was received there was no information regarding the caller – the name, preferred language and customer specific data were missing. Fur thermore, at peak times, calls had to be forwarded to a group number or rerouted to an external service provider. A new call center aimed to significantly improve the service quality and guarantee that at least 85 percent of calls are answered within 20 seconds.

The solution: Managed Contact Center with SAP integration

Now, if a Viollier agent takes a cus­tomer call, he or she already has the complete picture – thanks to integra tion into SAP CRM, with direct access to customer specific information. A colour code provides information on the next caller’s place in the queue so that the agent can react appropriately. The system also automatically routes the calls to the agents with the necessary language skills and expertise. This is all made possible by Swisscom’s Managed Contact Center Services – Swisscom operates the modern platform for the 14 Viollier agents at a fixed monthly price. For Viollier, it was important that the existing Cisco IP telephone infrastructure from Swisscom could be incorporated into the solution.

The customer benefits – more than 70 percent of calls are handled directly

«With the new call center solution, our agents can handle more than 70 percent of phone calls directly», says Lisa Martin, Call Center Manager at Viollier. «A good figure, that we want to improve even further. Thanks to Managed Contact Center Services, we have gained a clear view of our employees’ workloads and can distribute the daily peak time calls accordingly. Additional agent workstations can easily be set up. Last but not least, we benefit from the fact that Swisscom always invests in the latest technology. This means we are always in step with the times and are able to distinguish ourselves with innovations related to customer retention and service.»

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