Success Story Ypsomed Group

«Storebox makes our work much easier. Our Cloud storage is fast, easy to use, and secure.»

Corinne Schneeberger,
Communications Manager, Ypsomed Group

Exchange data worldwide in a straightforward and secure way

The Ypsomed Group is considered a leader in innovation and technology for injection systems used for self-medication. It uses Swisscom’s Storebox for its worldwide data communication.

The challenge:
it gives security and efficiency a shared basis.

The Communications department at Ypsomed is making a database, containing advertising brochures, product information, operating instructions and other materials, available to its 14 subsidiaries worldwide. Sales partners can make use of a separate database, and data can also be exchanged with printing companies and photographers. In the past, an FTP solution was used for data transfers. The rules applicable for access authorisation were complicated. “Operation was usually time-consuming,” as Communications Manager Corinne Schneeberger explains. “Uploading was slow, and each file needed to be sent separately, while the way the folders and files were displayed was outdated and chaotic.” A new solution such as a dropbox was out of the question due to security concerns.

The solution:
Cloud-based storage that makes it easy for everyone.

Storebox from Swisscom allows Ypsomed to manage its worldwide data communication more competently than ever before. As Corinne Schneeberger says: “The structure of the Cloud is displayed in a similar way to Windows. You can find your way around straight away. We can now store our files – both individual files, or several files at once – in the Storebox using drag & drop, making it all really easy. Each subsidiary and each country has a folder of its own there, which, in turn, contains the individual product folders. This organisation is perfect, and our employees and partners find everything at first go. And assigning individual access authorisations is very straightforward. This means we can make it impossible for data about products that is still in development, for example, to find its way into the wrong hands.” What is also decisive for Ypsomed is that all data is stored in Switzerland.

The result:
a faster flow of data that can be managed effortlessly.

Corinne Schneeberger enjoys working with Storebox: “The system is absolutely self-explanatory. I’ve never had to consult the manual. To create authorisations, we quickly generate a link which we send to the partners concerned. Our subsidiaries are granted permanent access and editing rights, while a graphic design agency, for example, is only allowed to view one single folder temporarily. My conclusion: Storebox makes our work much easier. Our Cloud storage is fast, easy to use, and secure.”

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