Success Story of Confiserie Sprüngli

«Our employees now have a 360° view of the customers, which stands Customer Support in good stead.»

Annette Bamert,
Head of the Customer Support department, Confiserie Sprüngli

A comprehensive view of customers

New opportunities thanks to CRM – Confiserie Sprüngli is relying on CRM and the expertise of Swisscom in the company's customer support department

Over the last few years, Confiserie Sprüngli has added to its traditional retail model and increasingly invested in new sales channels. The areas that have been expanded include corporate business, sales via the online shop and the ordering service. In order to provide a more targeted service to customers, recognise potential and take advantage of it, Sprüngli has placed its trust in a modern Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which has ensured an optimised and professionalised customer support service and enabled Sprüngli to make the step from thinking solely about the product to thinking about the enjoyment caused by the product.

Whether it's a traditional cherry gateau, a fresh raspberry cream cake or the famous Luxemburgerli, a whole host of exquisite treats that have been created by the master confectioners at Confiserie Sprüngli are available. The family business was founded in 1836 and counts itself as one of the most renowned confectioners in Europe today, thanks to its sophisticated range of cakes and chocolates.

The success enjoyed by Confiserie Sprüngli is based on the traditional sales model of selling products via its 21 stores. Over the years, Sprüngli has steadily added new strings to its bow as regards areas of business, including corporate business, sales via the online shop, and the telephone and in-store order service with individual advice. In the past, the company took a very heterogeneous view of its customers and it was not possible to offer a consistent service. To change this, Sprüngli adopted Customer Relationship Management as a market and corporate philosophy with the aim of improving customer focus and increasing customer loyalty. The challenge here was to strategically optimise the whole business.

Sprüngli's three business areas largely operated independently of one another due to a lack of guidelines and supporting, company-wide technology. Customer information and activities were never really exchanged between the departments. In light of this, management decided to establish a solid customer strategy for the future and brought the CRM Consulting Team from Swisscom on board for technical support. "A CRM system is only as good as the strategic ideas that we use it for," Annette Bamert, Head of the Customer Support department, says confidently.

Moving from a product-oriented train of thought to one based on savouring the experience

During strategy development projects, the specialists from Swisscom rely on their own methodical approach and on CFS Powerhouse as a framework which can be used to analyse all of the main corporate sectors. The first step involved creating an official factbase based on the current customer focus, the front-end processes, the organisation of the department and the indicators currently in use. Workshops were held and a vision was created as part of these for the Customer Support department. The key features of this vision are a customer promise and operational principles for the implementation of this promise. The CRM strategy project ultimately led to a clear and uniform alignment of all activities.

A key step in the professionalisation of the company was the decision to focus more on the customer demands for "giving gifts", "celebrating", "representing" and "catering" in future, and to create the suitable product and service ranges to meet these demands. This meant leaving behind the previous product-oriented manner of thinking.

The Customer Support department of Confiserie Sprüngli has been optimally prepared for the following points:

  • Establishing a clear understanding of the market to be attended to and the customers
  • Coordinating the front-end processes (marketing, sales, service)
  • Defining customer segments
  • Creating segment-specific, customer value-based support concepts
  • Establishing a process-oriented organisational structure in the Customer Support department
  • Defining indicators including customer-oriented figures

Faster to the customer, more focused on the market

To implement the new strategy, strategy advisors recommended using modern CRM tools. In the end, a standard piece of CRM software published by update was chosen. Just six months later, Sprüngli was able to work with a cost-efficient solution to provide system-supported market and customer support.

The Swisscom team took care of the business analysis and system implementation of It was clear from the very start that a key requirement of the solution was the reconciliation of information from within the three business areas using the highest level of automation possible, since this was where most problems originated in the past.

Campaign management was set up, interfaces to a previously developed order form, which the employees in the order service use every day, were implemented for the SAP system, and an overview of the orders was created. In addition, the existing online shop was connected to via web services, so that customers from the online shop would be consistently integrated into the CRM system, where their details and their orders would then be able to be viewed.

Customer advisors now have a comprehensive view of customers. "My employees have a 360 degree view of the customers and are now able to work much more conveniently. This stands the intensive and managed Customer Support department in good stead," declares Annette Bamert with satisfaction.

No work is carried out now without the CRM system, as the application is used intensively in every department. When Sprüngli customer advisors now log into the tool, they are greeted with their pending items and appointments on the start screen. By correctly using the information available in the tool, sales opportunities can be better utilised and identified in good time. Management constantly have an overview of the situation. They are able to call up statistics immediately and carry out an evaluation based on these figures.

Annette Bamert has had a great deal of positive experiences with the tool and therefore has no doubts about how useful it is: "In the next two to three years, we will make further investments in expanding customer management."

Confiserie Sprüngli (PDF)

The benefits at a glance

  • 360° view of all customers centrally in a single system and independent of the sales channel
  • Overview of customer behaviour regardless of whether the customer has ordered in the online shop or from the main store
  • Faster and more professional customer service, as all available customer data is correct and data can be easily entered into the system
  • Increased level of customer satisfaction, as staff can actively approach customers with seasonal and cross-selling offers
  • Easier to schedule personal appointments
  • Mutual deputisation in the event of absences, without having to fill out any additional documentation

These products are used by Confiserie Sprüngli