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Genève-Servette Hockey Club

Success Story of Genève-Servette Hockey Club

«We save a lot of time and around 40 per cent of our IT costs.»

Christophe Stucki,
CEO, Genève-Servette Hockey Club

Power play in teamwork at the Geneva-based hockey club.

The Geneva-based hockey club Servette has implemented Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) without a hitch. Initial experiences with the collaboration tool are extremely positive.

The challenge: Significant strain due to outdated telecommunications.

“When I started my position as CEO at the Genève-Servette Hockey Club in 2010, the branch office was an SMB with an outdated IT and telecommunications solution: thrown together, extremely vulnerable to errors and failures, and with a number of security problems,” is how Christophe Stucki describes the initial situation. “We urgently needed to simplify communication between the training staff, players, sponsorship and sales service. Building on our existing cooperation with Swisscom, we found a very satisfactory solution in Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC).”

The solution: Smooth implementation of the UCC solution.

How did you accomplish the switch to UCC? “Due to the significant strain and because most employees at Genève-Servette Hockey Club are young and technology savvy, there was a great willingness to switch to UCC,” says Christophe Stucki. The approach adopted by the Swisscom project managers also helped a lot. The project managers asked the employees about their requirements and found out what problems they had with the existing systems. They then presented the possibilities and individual tools of UCC. “This approach was decisive for the smooth transition and also won over the older employees,” continued Stucki.

The result: UCC saves a lot of time and money.

How does UCC benefit Genève-Servette Hockey Club specifically? “Whether it be for preparing new player contracts with head trainer Chris McSorley or coordinating the players for the many events that take place outside the ice rink: UCC saves the branch office a lot of time.” Can the benefits be quantified? Stucki: “We can now process documents and schedules more efficiently. We were able to reduce IT and telephony expenditure by around 40 per cent.” Furthermore, costs are now easier to budget for. “There are no longer repair or support costs if there is a problem because they are already included in Swisscom’s service package.”

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