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Nexxiot AG

As an international company, we depend
on having a reliable infrastructure available

Facts & Figures

February 2020

Company Facts:

Company: Nexxiot AG

Industry: Transport & logistics

Number of employees: 70

Project Facts:

  • IoT as the basis for an innovative business model
  • Global visibility of transported goods thanks to comprehensive roaming connectivity
  • International services

Nexxiot: Global IoT services thanks to Swisscom

Nexxiot develops new, IOT-based business models for freight transport. The Zurich-based company operates internationally, enabling its customers to benefit from efficient logistics worldwide.

An innovative business idea with IoT

From the very outset, everyone at Nexxiot agreed that they had to develop a business model based on IoT. The company set itself the goal of offering services associated with the Internet of Things to the transport sector – an undertaking that proved a great success. What began as a spin-off from ETH Zurich quickly developed into an enabler for the digitisation of supply chains. Nexxiot’s business model exemplifies how IoT can be used to create completely new data-driven innovation. But how can you digitise transport routes? And what IoT applications are suitable for this purpose?

Precision measurement along the entire supply chain

To optimise supply chains, Nexxiot uses information generated by data. Sensors in rail wagons and containers provide important information about the condition of the cargo they contain, such as the temperature, possible vibrations or whether a container has been opened or moved. As a result, supply chain operators not only know whether the freight has been transported, but they can also pinpoint exactly where the containers are located at any time. For end customers this means greater efficiency, lower costs, higher revenues and transparency along the entire transport route. Swisscom provides the necessary technology: All IoT sensors in rail wagons and freight containers communicate worldwide via the Swisscom network. Swisscom’s roaming connectivity infrastructure thus forms the basis for Nexxiot’s business model and services. Nexxiot CCO Markus Scheurer explains why his company chose to partner up with Swisscom:


As an international company, we depend on having a reliable infrastructure available worldwide” Swisscom guarantees this with more than 700 roaming partners in 230 countries.


The Nexxiot service portfolio is constantly being expanded, including for transportation by ship. Nexxiot has also already embarked on its next major project: In 2020, it began digitising all the tank containers of the international logistics company VTG.


IoT as the basis for an innovative business model

Networking thanks to comprehensive roaming connectivity

International services

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