Success Story of SBB Passenger

«SAP PPM provides us with an overview of costs, schedules, quality and risks at all times.»

Thomas Hunziker,
Head of Project Management / PMO, SBB Passengers

A navigator for efficient project management

Selecting the most promising projects from the large number that are received and driving them forward until their successful conclusion – this is a significant challenge for SBB Project Management. Thanks to the “Navigator” from Swisscom, this complex task is now a lot easier.

The SBB ensures around 1 million passengers in more than 8,000 trains reach their destinations safely and comfortably each day. SBB Personenverkehr invests around one billion francs each year in projects. Well-oiled project management is essential to deal with all active projects, of which there are around 300 at the moment. The SBB chose SAP Portfolio & Project Management and is using the SAP Full Service Provider Swisscom as its competent partner.


Basis for a well-founded decision

In order to meet the increasing mobility needs of the Swiss with appropriate offers, SBB Personenverkehr further develops its products on an ongoing basis and optimises the processes. The SBB uses SAP PPM (Portfolio & Project Management) across all divisions for all project portfolio management activities and project controlling for its construction and IT projects. To create the Navigator for the SBB, the standard functions of SAP PPM were expanded to include an economic efficiency calculation, an option for entering risks and measures, support for planning approval procedures, the specific calculation of status traffic lights and some customer-specific fields. For the regular updates to planned and current costs, Swisscom extended the standard interface of SAP PPM in SAP PS (project system) with the specific requirements of the SBB. SAP PPM therefore serves as a central and reliable database, which provides project managers with facts essential for making well-founded decisions.

Simplified control and automated reporting

The project managers use the solution to maintain the project master data, milestones, cost-benefit analyses, risks, traffic lights and status assessments for the ongoing projects. At the same time, financial data and schedules from the PSP elements are automatically updated by PS.

The main benefit of the project navigator is that project managers and controllers can maintain an overview of running projects and, most importantly, the entire project portfolio. The various project statuses, displayed in the form of traffic lights, provide immediate information as to whether projects are on course or measures need to be taken. The functions implemented by Swisscom for the automatic generation of project reports facilitate reporting for project managers significantly. Rolf Beeler, Project Manager at SBB Facility Management and intensive user of SAP PPM, said: “What I value the most is the fact that I can generate a project report with a single click, which I can use for reporting purposes later on”.

Strategic partnership

The strategic partnership between Swisscom and the SBB is classic win-win situation. For the SBB it provides benefits in the areas of longevity, continuity and reliability. And thanks to the long-term customer retention, Swisscom has better knowledge of the customer, which is also beneficial for the SBB with regard to individual customer solutions. The cooperation between SBB IT and Swisscom was very satisfying“, confirmed Thomas Hunziker, Head of Project Management / PMO, SBB Personenverkehr.

Benefits at a glance

  • Clear: SAP PPM provides us with an overview of costs, schedules, quality and risks at all times.
  • Non-ambiguous: Traffic light statuses can be interpreted quickly: project on course measures needed?
  • Efficient: Generate project reports with a single click
  • Up-to-date: Access the current project status at any time
  • Efficient and effective: SAP PPM allows the SBB to manage the entire project landscape efficiently and effectively

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