Success Story of Swiss Post

«The Swiss Trust Room provides great advantages. There is nothing else like it»

Martin Wenger,
, Swiss Post

So that confidential information remains secret

The purchasing processes of the Swiss post office are organised and implemented by its Group Purchasing department. For this, sensitive information is exchanged within clearly defined user groups. With the Swiss Trust Room, the handling of calls for tender has become much more secure and even easier.

The initial situation: More efficient and secure collaboration

Swiss Post advertises worldwide for bids for many of its procurements. Frequently external partners provide support in formulating ambitious specifications and assessing incoming offers. Absolute confidentiality is of the utmost importance here. In order to edit the documents in question, these partners previously received an external account for access to the post office network. Not infrequently, they had to move their work place to a Swiss Post building at short notice – which cost time and money and involved travel. There had to be an easier way to organise this collaboration, thought those responsible for Group purchasing.

The solution: Confidential Collaboration as a managed service

The Swisscom Swiss Trust Room came as if on cue for Swiss Post. Thanks to the highly secure service, authorised Post employees can exchange information with their external partners confidentially, regardless of where the members of the defined user group are or with which device they are working. They can log in from anywhere in the world with individual access information and secure authentication. The Swiss Trust Room allows them to process information easily and make it available to other authorised users for further processing. All activities are recorded in an audit-proof manner, so that every action can be traced. Only Swiss Post has access to the authorisations, accesses and data.

Customer benefits: Confidentiality made easy

«We currently use several rooms in the Swiss Trust Room,» explains Martin Wenger, Application Manager at Swiss Post. «These are used extremely intensively. They were quickly set up. As a responsible person, I can do everything myself – instead of setting up new user accounts, I simply send the authorised users a notification with the access information. From that point, the highly secure information exchange runs by itself. There is no longer a need for anybody to travel! Also important for us is that the managed service is one hundred percent Swiss made and all the data is stored solely on servers in Switzerland. My summary: With the Swiss Trust Room, we use a clever security service that is convincing not least due to its excellent value for money.»

Swiss Post

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