Success Story of Stadler Rail

«Thanks to MDS we keep our smartphones permanently up to date when it comes to security – with very little effort.»

Sherif Izairi,
Head of IT, Stadler Rail

Smartphone management brought on track perfectly

With approximately 6000 employees in eight countries, Stadler Rail is among the world’s leading manufacturers of rail vehicles. Its trains transport millions of passengers each day. To ensure secure smartphone communication, Stadler relies on a service from Swisscom.

The initial situation: Security signals are on amber

Trains, trams, metros, mountain railways and locomotives from Stadler Rail run throughout the entire world. This means that, among other things, sensitive and confidential information is exchanged worldwide using smartphones – by decision-makers, but also technicians from the company. Unauthorised access to this information could lead to major damage – for example if contact data, bids or technical details were to fall into the wrong hands. Previously, Stadler Rail was unable to access a solution that would seamlessly implement the high security requirements of smartphone operation in Switzerland and abroad. Therefore, those responsible sought a service with which they could efficiently optimise the security situation.

The solution: Central control centre for smartphones

With Mobile Device Services (MDS) from Swisscom, Stadler Rail is now on a secure track. The IT managers in Switzerland can directly access company smartphones throughout the world. With centrally controlled settings, they guarantee the security of the mobile devices. For example, the company consistently enforces its password policy and the headquarters monitors and installs applications on the terminal devices. Mobile Device Services provide practical functions for emergencies, which allow the company to react extremely rapidly. If a device is stolen or lost, the company data is immediately deleted remotely and the device is localised and locked – no matter which part of the world it is currently in.

Customer benefits: Efficient and secure while on the move throughout the world

“The main advantage of Mobile Device Services?” Sherif lzairi, head of IT at Stadler Rail does not have to think for long. “First of all, our devices are always state of the art, especially when it comes to security. Secondly, they are extremely stable. And thirdly, we save a great deal of time as the service can be operated with very little effort. For example, we also push WLAN profiles onto devices from the headquarters. In addition, the users do not view the remote management and security measures as an annoyance – acceptance is high.”

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