Success Story of The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV)

«Time to market was extremely important for us. It only took eight weeks from choosing Easypay to launching the new system. This dynamism is one of the benefits of working with Swisscom.»

Brigitte Andenmatten ,
Sales project manager, The Zurich Transport Network (ZVV)

Buy tickets with your mobile – simply via your Swisscom bill.

Zurich’s public transport operator, ZVV, sells digital tickets via its ZVV Tickets app. Passengers can now pay for their tickets simply and securely via their Swisscom bill.

The challenge: to offer additional payment options

How can we make our Tickets app more attractive? What can we do to ensure that as many customers as possible take advantage of the benefits of digital ticketing? These questions were addressed by Brigitte Andenmatten, ZVV sales project manager. “An app’s success and popularity partly depend on the availability of different payment methods. In the past, people usually needed a credit card to buy mobile tickets. However, many young people in particular do not own a credit card. Other customers were worried about security. That’s why we looked for a simple, secure mobile payment solution that could be used as an alternative method of payment. We found it with Easypay from Swisscom and implemented it in just eight weeks.”

The solution: buy tickets easily online, at any time

“Our app is like a ticket machine in your trouser pocket,” explains Brigitte Andenmatten. “With the mobile payment solution, we are lowering the threshold for users and offering even more customers the chance to buy tickets with their mobile phone via the app. They just have to select the individual ticket, day pass or class upgrade that they want, choose Swisscom Easypay as the payment method and that’s it. The purchase price will be added to the passenger’s next Swisscom bill. Queuing up at a machine or fumbling around for loose change is consigned to the history books.”

The result: more convenient payment for local public transport

Convenient electronic ticket purchasing via Easypay is meeting a need. With the ZVV Tickets app, passengers can buy their ticket anywhere at any time before they get on board. No waiting and no cash required. Brigitte Andenmatten mentions some additional benefits of working with Swisscom: “We don’t need to worry about collecting payments. Swisscom adds the amount to the buyer’s mobile phone bill and transfers it to us. Guaranteed and under competitive terms. As well as the short time it takes to implement the solution, Swisscom’s high market share speaks volumes for its flexibility and reliability as a partner.” She proudly points to her smartphone and says: “This is how to buy tickets now!”

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