„The cloud will allow us to remain agile in a market environment characterised by changes.“

Business has little patience for IT. This is something Niklaus Wirz, Head of IT at Jelmoli, is also aware of. The Swisscom Cloud solution allows him to be efficient, while also able to react more promptly to business requirements. And cloud services are also allowing Jelmoli to boost IT security to a whole new level.


IT at Jelmoli was traditionally characterised by ageing AS/400 systems and a mix of in-house and hosted services. At the same time, the security strategy needed to be overhauled. Upon merging into the Swiss Prime Site Group, considerable cuts were made to the IT workforce. Management decided to replace the existing systems with a new, cloudbased infrastructure.


Jelmoli has practically migrated its entire IT to the Swisscom Cloud, and is operating one full production and test environment with financial and inventory management software in the Cloud, and is boosting IT security using managed firewall and web security services. This allows Jelmoli to avoid investing in expensive backup infrastructure and has given it a scalable solution for future use.

Jelmoli AG
  • Sector: retail specialist, premium segment
  • Location: Zurich
  • Six floors, 33,000 m2 in sales area, two million articles
  • Around 1,000 employees

Niklaus Wirz

Head of IT bei Jelmoli

Mr Wirz, please complete the following sentences:

By using the cloud-based infrastructure...

“...we remain flexible.”

Jelmoli decided on this solution because...

“...Swisscom is a local partner with Swiss data centres.”

The benefits for Jelmoli are...

“...costs based on actual needs, flexibility for future developments and a clear increase in security.”