Success Story of Audemars Piguet & Cie

«Now that we have just one single partner for our international network, it is much easier for us to handle our data traffic.»

Christian Namy,
Group Information Systems Manager, Audemars Piguet & Cie

Enjoying Swiss precision worldwide

Ever since 1875, Audemars Piguet has been creating timepieces that are unique in terms of precision. The company has a distinctive Swiss touch at its international branches and, with Swisscom as its partner, also puts its trust in Swiss quality for its data network.

Initial situation: keeping track of time

Of all things, it was time difference that caused problems for there - nowned watch manufacturer. Connections between branches abroad and the Swiss head office were often interrupted because it took so long to transmit the signal via the Internet that the connection broke down. The time difference made it difficult to respond to this – costing valuable time with the result that operation of branches abroad often came to a standstill. The fact that Audemars Piguet worked together with different Internet providers in different countries did not facilitate efficient problem-solving. Aiming to remedy this situation, the company decided to redesign its international network with Swisscom’s help.

The solution: a strong partner for all concerns

Swisscom has interconnected Audemars Piguet’s Swiss production facilities, administrative offices and sales outlets using a network solution based on the LAN-I over IPSS service. The national and global data network is maintained centrally in Switzerland. Audemars Piguet now receives just a single invoice for all services.

Customer benefits: maximum network availability worldwide

«Fortunately, data network failures have now become a thing of the past,» states Christian Namy, Group Information Systems Manager at Audemars Piguet. «This is great news, as every day on which our business dealings in Asia or the US were interrupted by such failures cost us a great deal of money. The new system works reliably, and the transmission speed is just what we need. This service, including maximum availability of the international data network, is backed up by round-the-clock monitoring by Swisscom. What’s more, if we have a problem for instance that concerns our site in Hong Kong, we can reach our partner without delay, simply by calling the Swisscom number. We are also delighted by the fact that we now only receive a single invoice for every thing. This saves us time – and is a lot less hassle than the previous situation.»

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