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Migros Co-operative Lucerne

Migros Co-operative Lucerne

Success Story of Migros Co-operative Lucerne

«With One Phone Business, Swisscom allows us to choose as much telephony as we need for our business. Fresh, flexible, customisable - as easy as shopping at Migros.»

Marco Stöckli,
Manager, System Management, Migros Co-operative Lucerne

Simple and Good for Migros' Budget: VoIP calling with Swisscom One Phone Business

Migros Lucerne has more than 40 sales outlets. As in many companies with various branches, several different independent telephone systems have been in use for years (i.e. telephone exchanges, manufacturer-specific mobile solutions). As the lifetime of the existing infrastructure is coming to an end, the request for a single, future-oriented telephone system has arisen.

«Calling as a Service» is the solution which Migros Lucerne has decided on after intensive consultation with Swisscom: The LAN-Interconnect service connects the existing network of branches to a Wide Area Network (WAN) that makes Voice-over-IP calling possible (service: VoIP Phone). Swisscom One Phone Business Standard ensures employee mobility by making Migros staff available at the same number while travelling.

One particular benefit of this solution is that individual calling profiles may be defined for various staff functions and locations. This allows for a simple and logical numbering concept, as well as costs which can be clearly budgeted. Additionally, this future-oriented technology offers the best possible return on investment.

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