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Success Story Loterie Romande

Each sale generates a transaction, and this is where we needed a dependably stable network.

Gabriel Fuchs 

IT Manager

Loterie Romande

Facts & Figures

Mai 2019


Name: Loterie Romande

Location: Lausanne

Branch: Wholesale & Retail, Computer and information technology


Implementation: 45 weeks


  • Agility
  • Security
  • Dashboard

Enterprise Connect for the Loterie Romande

As an on-line and physical point of sale lottery games and sports betting operator, the Loterie Romande has always been a pioneer in the use of SDN solutions. Gabriel Fuchs, its IT department director, was pleased to state that the collaboration with Swisscom, in the transition from LAN-I to Enterprise Connect, has made this sales network even more responsive.

More than simply physical media (including scratch-cards) are involved when trying to win the jackpot. The Loterie Romande is present, through its 2,500 points of sale, in a major electronic market. Hungry for bandwidth and constantly in need of technological responsiveness, this large panel of games, which in particular uses streaming video, has begun its migration, from LAN-I to the Enterprise Connect solution. The objective: to reduce costs. A new infrastructure has therefore been designed by Swisscom.

“In the last 12 months everything has accelerated”, explains Gabriel Fuchs, whose teams are working in close collaboration with the Swisscom consultants. “We have already implemented this new product in the businesses of over 900 of our agents (the transition is underway and will affect 1500 points of sale within the space of a few months), which will enable us to be in an ever better position to present our product in a more advantageous way, and make possible an increase in product sales.” The result: a considerable saving in Internet charges and installation costs.


Adaptability of a market in constant flux

Administrative teams without specific technical knowledge are now more readily able to start up a system, which in the LAN-I version required an implementation period of up to 3 weeks. “With Enterprise Connect, we are talking about only 6 days for putting the games system online. This is a sizeable saving of time and money, given that our very large number of points of sale regularly undergo changes of ownership."

A superior level of interconnection

“Flexibility is extremely important for the smooth operation of a market that requires an infallible connection. Configuration on the dashboard means that any modification is directly active on the central system”, comments Gabriel Fuchs, whose cutting edge technology focus is a congruent response to the Loterie Romande’s ambition to be ready to implement all potential internal enhancements. This has not passed un-noticed, as this new configuration made possible by Swisscom has won an award, conferred upon it by the World Lottery Association.

For the gaming agents of Loterie Romande themselves, this migration went without a hitch, with close attention to transparency. “It is the internal technical architecture that is changing, and in most cases, it will not even be perceptible for them, except that we have now noticed a radical reduction in the network micro-outages that used to be present on the old system. This was another important aspect: of this operation: minimising the impact for our clients. And from that point of view too, this has been another success.”

A lasting solution, to be conceived from start to finish

The arrival of 5G will be entirely embraced by Enterprise Connect, whose adaptability will not present any requirement for upgrades. “This is a lasting solution, and we will be working with this system for years to come,” Gabriel Fuchs is happy to state, which is also a testament to the adaptability of Swisscom in this partnership, which has of course required a joint effort of time and research in its innovation. “The implementation of the system entailed minimum costs, because Swisscom’s concept was, and remains, the creation of a solution which, while an entirely appropriate one, was clearly one of the forerunners in its field.”

This wide range of interconnected games has all the characteristics of an autonomous and independent future. Each physical site is connected to a high performance cloud, which forms a network operating in block mode, and to which each new point of sale is added without the requirement of any external intervention. “Each sale generates a transaction, and this is why we need a robustly stable network,” concludes the IT director of the Loterie Romande.




Thanks to the SDN, site deployment can be done between 4 and 6 working days (access included)


Private and secure network. Combined with mobile backup, you can ensure high availability of your network at all times.


Visual and dynamic, this tool allows you to manage your network yourself or leave it to Swisscom.

These products are used by Loterie Romande


Enterprise Connect

Order, interact and respond to requirements quickly in real time via an online dashboard using virtualised network services.

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Enterprise WAN

Consolidate all local networks (LANs) at all national and international locations into a single communications infrastructure.

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Enterprise Internet

Customised solutions for professional Internet access.

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