Success Story of Otto Fischer AG

«We have greatly increased productivity both in the warehouse and in deliveries.»

Roger Altenburger,
Logistics Manager, Otto Fischer AG

The switchover to higher performance

Otto Fischer AG, with around 280 employees the second-largest Swiss electrical wholesaler, has hugely improved both precision and productivity. Thanks to mobile data terminals, their entire order and delivery process is now electronic.

Initial situation: tackling delays and errors

It’s early evening, and tension is high at Otto Fischer AG. There are incoming orders to be entered and picked, and the delivery trucks must be loaded before they leave at 7 p.m. The capacity of the old system, where draft delivery notes were used to process orders, was limited. As an unfortunate conse quence, errors in picking and delayed departures had to be reckoned with.



The solution: handheld devices instead of mounds of paper

The new solution from Swisscom and solution partner swiss1mobile pro - vides Otto Fischer with technology that makes filling in forms a thing of the past. Nowadays, the entire order and delivery process takes place electronically with no discontinuity of media. The handheld, mobile data terminals are used both in the warehouse and by delivery drivers. No matter where they are, employees can now communicate directly with the planning and scheduling systems via WLAN or GPRS. Goods are recorded using a barcode scanner, and delivery drivers are able to continually provide information to the central office about their journey details and delivery times and locations.

Customer benefits: 23% higher warehouse productivity

«The new solution has enabled us to increase productivity enormously,» states Roger Altenburger, Logistics Manager at Otto Fischer. «In the past, each employee picked an average of 58 items per hour. Today, 72 is the average, and the error rate has been drastically reduced.» The system has also proven its worth on the move: «Drivers can no longer make errors, as the system only gives them the green light to continue once the correct packages have been scanned using the handheld device. Of course, this is also great news for our customers! In addition, every single step in the process can be individually viewed and checked.» When asked what Swisscom is like as a solution partner, Altenburger replies, «The service is right, and the collaboration is great. What’s more, we can rely on Swisscom’s nationwide mobile network. And the solution soon paid for itself.»

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