Success Story of Otto Fischer AG

«Our customers are highly satisfied with the advice provided via chat. Once they have tried chat, customers keep coming back.»

Martin Oser,
IT Director, Otto Fischer AG

Perfecting the customer’s experience with chat advice.

With 300 employees, Otto Fischer is one of the threelarge wholesalers of electrical material in Switzerland.Its ProfChat brings customers closer in the age ofdigitalisation.

The challenge: provide personal advice in an innovative way.

As a Swiss family company, Otto Fischer has alwaysrecognised its customers’ desires early on, and offeredsuitable solutions. Thanks to this agility, innovationscan be developed rapidly. The introduction of ProfChatis an example of this. As the sole provider in its sector,Otto Fischer advises its customers via chat – fromone professional to another. Martin Oser, IT Director,explains the background: “The impulse for this camefrom our Marketing Director. Over 80% of the orderswe receive from our customers – who are almostalways electricians – are submitted electronically. TheMarketing Director wondered how we could re-establishthe important personal contact with our customers,without causing the sales performance to suffer.”

The solution: chat boosts UCC introduction.

With Swisscom, Otto Fischer has found the right technologypartner with the right product. MCC Microsoft– the Communications & Collaboration platformmanaged by Swisscom – served as a basis for this.Swisscomhas built a contact center solution byLuware,which offers, among other things, chatfunctionalities. “We have actually set up the UCC– Unified Communications and Collaboration – foran end that is quite different to that of the usual UCCusers,” explains Martin Oser. “First of all, we put chatinto operation. Only then were other elements added,such as the linking of ERP customer data with thecontact center. We record a few hundred advicesessions via chat every month. The quality is moreimportant than quantity. Chats often last up to15 minutes; a lot of clarity can be provided quicklywith written words.”

The result: satisfied customers and motivated employees.

“Our customers are highly satisfied with the adviceprovided via chat. Once they have tried chat, customerskeep coming back. The investment has alreadypaid off,” Martin Oser is delighted to report. “We havemade a name for ourselves as a partner that canprovide professional answers to even complex queries.We also find the possibility of switching to telephoneor video conferencing during the chat with a clickinteresting. The introduction in the contact centerwent smoothly: our professionals, who are mostlyyoung, enjoy simultaneously chatting and talking onthe phone the most!”