Success Story of Prodir SA

«The staff were able to use UCC after just a two-hour introduction.»

Cristian Santinon,
IT manager, Prodir SA

Prodir on the path to networked business communication.

Unlimited collaboration thanks to Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) solutions: pen manufacturer Prodir is connecting eight sites in Europe with its headquarters in Ticino – and discovering new forms of collaboration.

Company founder immediately impressed by UCC.

As part of a pilot project launched by its IT department, Prodir’s customer service staff tested a UCC solution provided by Swisscom. “When company founder Giorgio Pagani saw that telephones were no longer needed, he wanted to switch the whole company to UCC,” says Swisscom adviser Antonella Demarcus. Prodir therefore trained its workforce how to use the new Swisscom solution two weeks before moving its headquarters from Rivera to Lamone.


Ready to use UCC ten minutes after training.

“We spent two hours training our staff how to use the Swisscom solution,” explains IT manager Cristian Santinon at the company’s new headquarters, where Prodir makes millions of writing implements each year. “Within ten minutes, they were already chatting and phoning with UCC.” Currently, 75 employees use UCC in Ticino. “Everyone is getting on well with it, from the trainees to the sales manager,” says Cristian Santinon, who knows exactly how the staff are feeling after talking to them and conducting a survey.

Discussing new design ideas via videoconference.

Has Prodir been able to save money thanks to UCC? “We can’t work that out yet,” says Santinon. “We are already saving time if people are writing Instant Messages instead of e-mails. UCC also enables us to collaborate more closely with our customers and partners.” From 2015, Prodir also wants to use videoconferencing and link up all eight of its European sites. “Then our designer in London will be able to show us new proposals via videoconference. This will reduce travel times and costs, as well as damage to the environment.”

The next step: mobile access to customer data.

“In 2015, we want to link UCC to our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system,” says Santinon. “Being able to access relevant customer information on mobile devices has huge benefits.” The manufacturer of sustainably produced promotional pens is exploring other advantages of linking UCC to its CRM system. “The management is now also thinking about using home offices in places where the relevant solution has been installed,” says Cristian Santinon.

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