Valora Schweiz AG

“In just four weeks, we migrated more than 1000 locations to the IP network.”

Valora has a strong presence throughout Switzerland: The retail company runs sales outlets of companies including k kiosk, avec, Press & Books and Caffe Spettacolo. With the changeover of the phone lines by Swisscom to All-IP, Valora is tapping into interesting opportunities.


Valora was the first large Swiss company to face the changeover to All-IP on a grand scale. Within a short time, more than 1000 locations were to be migrated to All-IP. Special solutions were required for a number of lines, since they were operated with alarm systems and Internet solutions from providers other than Swisscom.


Swisscom initially supported Valora in taking inventory of all its lines; around 1600 of these proved to be obsolete and could be switched off. The rollout of the new, IP-based individual lines of Swisscom Line company was carefully planned and implemented across Switzerland by the electrical partner Burkhalter.


> Sector: Retail

> Sales outlets: 2500

> Turnover: > CHF 2.5 billion

> Employees: approx. 4300

> Goal: leading small-footprint retailer in the Convenience & Food Service sector

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Mathias Timeus

Project Manager for Infrastructure Services, Valora Schweiz AG

Mr. Timeus, please complete the following sentences:

With Swisscom Line company …

“… we’re more flexible when wishing to quickly install new phone lines”.

We like the solution because …

“… it enables smart networking in future”.

Our company benefits from All-IP because …

“… we save a lot of money each year on lines that are no longer needed”.

My advertising slogan for Swisscom Line company is:

“Simple, clever, networked!”

These products are used by Valora

Swisscom Line company

The fixed network connection for the new IP technology.

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