Success Story of Visilab SA

«Upgrading a crucial function with a cloud-based solution was a real challenge. We needed a capable and flexible partner.»

Marc Besson,
CIO, Visilab SA

Microsoft Office 365: a vector of modernisation

With 92 stores, Visilab is Switzerland’s number-one chain of opticians. The Microsoft Office 365 solution supported by Swisscom enables Visilab’s 900 employees to work with maximum efficiency and convenience.

The challenge: an innovative upgrade to reduce complexity

Visilab’s email infrastructure had built up a substantial technical debt and had not been updated for several years. The size of the 600 mailboxes was also too small to meet enhanced user expectations. For CIO Marc Besson, the time had come to take action. As regards his objectives, Besson remarks, “We wanted a modern, forward-looking solution that offered a wide palette of functions to our users. It was also important for us to be able to rely on a competent and flexible partner who could help us through our first large-scale Cloud project and minimise the risks associated with the migration. The assistance we got from Swisscom’s specialists was extremely useful, the migration went perfectly and long-term support is assured.”

The solution: a complete Cloud package with support included

Office 365 offers significant benefits to Visilab on a number of levels. Choosing this new Microsoft suite enabled Visilab to ensure all users always have the latest version of Microsoft Office on their system, rather than using a variety of different versions. The same applies to the messaging environment, which will henceforth be housed on Microsoft servers at Microsoft’s European data centres in Dublin and Amsterdam. Users are now permanently up to date with the latest functions, especially in terms of collaborative working. As Marc Besson emphasises, “this opens up new perspectives as the Office 365 suite is constantly being enriched with new components, such as PowerBI which we have begun to deploy.”

The result: increased time and energy for major projects

projects. “Since we have been working in the Cloud, our administration and technical costs have decreased. We are using a forward-looking, long-term solution on a stable platform. This allows us to concentrate on implementing new specialised functions for our business.” He adds that Visilab came to Swisscom for three main reasons: “The first reason is Swisscom’s size representing an advantage in terms of capabilities, which makes it a reliable partner with contracts under Swiss law. The second reason is that we appreciate having local contact persons. The third is the single, flexible billing: we pay one fixed monthly recurring charge per user.”

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These products are used by Visilab

Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) Program

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Microsoft® Cloud Services from Swisscom

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