Management Summary

For tomorrow's banks

There can be no banking without banks. However, there are value-adding parts that Swisscom can take care of: the IT infrastructure, software, non-differentiating execution processes, integration of standard products, consulting and solutions for the next sourcing and digitalisation steps as well as observation of trends in digital banking. These are all services that more than 170 banks in Switzerland already place their trust in.

Banks are are cornerstone of our economy – both as the bearers of the financial system and as an employer. Healthy, long-term development is as important as it is challenging. Regulators, decreasing margins, high demands on customer experiences, competitors from outside the industry and agile FinTech companies all drive banks to take the next steps in their development. Swisscom supports the banks in differentiating themselves on the market and industrialising the services they provide.

Discover Swisscom’s consulting services

Swisscom will help you to connect to the future of banking. We’ll handle the ICT and various processing operations for you, and will shift banking from the branches to your customers. We’ll also stay ahead of market trends, thereby opening up new business opportunities for you.

Consulting for differentiation and industrialisation

We advise banks with regard to value creation, automation, digitisation and IT. For this, we draw upon our expertise as an ICT and outsourcing partner of banks, our leading banking think tank e-foresight, and collaboration with FinTech companies.

Integration and operation of standard products

We integrate and operate innovative solutions for banks. Here, we are completely unbiased with regard to choosing suitable standard products from partners and FinTech companies. If the relevant market potential is there, we also enhance the standard products to form “managed services”.
In addition, we develop customer-specific software on request.

Business and IT services

We operate and manage core banking solutions for our customers and provide them with the option of outsourcing all non-differentiating value-creation components (business and IT) to us. We support numerous core banking solutions, architectures and delivery models.

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