Assessment «Disaster Recovery strategy»

Do you not yet have a Disaster Recovery strategy but want to finally eliminate this risk? Develop a Disaster Recovery strategy for your business in 3 – 5 days with the help of the Swisscom experts.

Make a date for the 5-day Disaster Recovery strategy assessment

1 day: Initial workshop on site
  • Overview of your current infrastructure
  • Appraisal of your requirements for the Disaster Recovery strategy
  • Identifying and understanding how your systems interact
  • Identifying suitable Swisscom products and solutions
2 – 3 days: Creating the analysis document
  • Summarising the workshop
  • Summarising the requirements
  • Identifying possible failover options
  • Sketching possible solutions
  • Describing interactions with neighbouring systems
Up to 1 day: Discussing the document together with you on site
  • Reviewing the developed document
  • Discussing open items
  • Defining the next steps

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