Flexible performance with hybrid IT infrastructure

Some events generate such a great deal of attention that even the capacities of the huge servers employed by a well-known media company are unable to cope with the flood of users trying to access their systems. The company therefore started looking for a more flexible cloud solution which would cover the need for both substantial processing power and a high level of memory capacity at the same time.

Past challenges

Nowadays, it is a given that all image, sound and text content, as well as all of the applications associated with this, are available at all times. As a result, the media company is extremely worried about how its servers would respond to huge fluctuations in the demand placed on their processing power. Huge investment and maintenance costs have made constantly updating and expanding the in-house server infrastructure unprofitable and a thus a waste of space.

Today’s flexible solution

The virtual IT infrastructure in Swisscom data centres allows the virtualised resource base to be adjusted dynamically in order to meet the current business needs. Temporary peak loads are quickly covered by additional capacity in the cloud. The hybrid solution of physical servers on site and virtual processing power from the cloud also allows the workload to be distributed to the suitable infrastructure.