Reach the market faster with new applications

A small and recently founded software company is looking for simple and cost-effective ways to be able to quickly launch future-oriented web applications on the market. Such a cloud solution in the form of a Platform as a Service (PaaS) should not only focus on confidential data storage, but must also be preferably based on open-source software, and the developers must provide a familiar environment.

Traditional software development

Up until now, the release dates for updates, patches and applications were set in stone, occurring on average twice a year. To ensure that a team is able to meet such a release date, a meticulous schedule is needed along with the necessary change requests, the function’s exact setup and timing with regard to the release.

Today: fast time to market

The Swisscom Application Cloud slashes the time-to-market for new applications. The supply of applications and updates has now given way to a continuous process that can be carried out as quickly and as frequently as the user wishes. In the pay-per-use approach, costs can be easily calculated and are based on the level of use. Thanks to the modern Swisscom data centres in Switzerland, data can be securely accessed in the application cloud at all times.

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